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A2OA Linux Server beta 1.58.78554

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tens of mirrors:




CRC32: 680B0D13

MD5: 9225C3722C232C0DAD24774B93CBD1B4

SHA-1: FF5C876E20BFDF08AFDA3D0E60A227426AF70633

Note that it requires Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead data to be updated to version 1.58 first in order to run properly.

Please provide us with feedback to this topic.

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead - Linux Standalone Server 1.58


Copyrigt © 2010 Bohemia Interactive Studio. All rights reserved.

For more information please visit


Installation instructions:


1. Following programs must have been installed on your Linux-box:

tar, gcc. Optional: md5sum (for setup integrity check)

1a. On some verions of Linux (this was reported for RedHat 9

and Gentoo linux 2.4.20) the NSCD deamon must be installed to

run ArmA 2 server successfully. Caching of DNS would be sufficient.

2. Copy the whole "ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead" directory from Windows

to some Linux-directory (arma2arrowhead). DON'T DO ANY DATA CONVERSIONS

(even "dos2unix" translation of text files is not necessary).

Example: you can use PKZIP (WinZip, PowerArchiver, etc.) on

Windows and "unzip" on Linux.

Don't use upper case letters in the ArmA2 directory name

(/home/bob/arma2arrowhead will be good, /home/bob/ArmA2ArrowHead

may cause some troubles).

ArmA2 directory should contain subdirectories "Addons", "Bin",

"Campaigns", etc.

3. Copy the "server-x.xx.tar.gz" (x.xx is version number) file into

the arma2arrowhead directory. Unpack and install it with commands:

arma2arrowhead$ tar -xjf server-x.xx.tar.bz2

arma2arrowhead$ ./install

Watch the messages - they will inform you whether your installation

is successful.

4. Dedicated server can be started in foreground:

arma2arrowhead$ ./server

Or in background:

o$ nohup ./server > out.txt 2> err.txt &

[1] <pid>

5. Running server can be stopped by executing:

$ kill -s SIGINT <pid>

Where <pid> is process-id of mother server thread (printed out in

"nohup" command).

6. ArmA2 ArrowHead server has a feature: command-line parameter

"-pid=<pid_file>". It causes creation of <pid_file> with

PID of root ArmA2 process. If IP port specified in "-port=<nn>"

parameter is busy (in usage), ArmA2 will terminate immediately

and <pid_file> won't be written..

7. The "arma2server" script is provided for automatic server

start/restart/status query/etc. Please be sure to edit


After this is done, install (hard-link?) the script into

"/etc/rc.d/init.d/arma2server" file. After that it can be managed

by "chkconfig" (see info/man).

previous thread about 1.57 beta linux : Edited by Dwarden

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fixes ... otherwise same as 1.58 RC

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How long for 1.58 release then?

yeahh would be good to know.

Also if we will have a source to update the servers from...since 2 years BI promise to come with a solution for this.

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Maruk: Our plan atm is:

* to skip update 1.58 release (note that 1.58 will be included with Arma 2: Reinforcements retail expansion with BAF/PMC)

* to organize community testing of several proposed animation changes to be included in 1.59 via beta patches, using forums as focus test group

* release of 1.59 should be on 17th March in any case (even if we have to revert all animations changes and improvements completely)


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Just curious....are the requirements for the Linux server the same as those for Windows server? For example, this page on the community wiki states:

We recommend using 2 GHz machine, with 512 MB RAM and a 1 Mbps upload network bandwidth.


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now for the linux install can i install it to a sub domain i have a couple music sites on my dedicated server and i do not want to interrupt my other sites what type of bandwidth will this consume say max players?

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