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Zil-157 Pack

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Hi =SappeR=,

Thanks for all your hard work on these! :)

I had a hard time figuring out how to download them because

the gamepark link says "file unavailable" & the narod.ru download

page is a bit tricky because by default it has the checkbox selected

for installing their toolbar/helper app

Non-Russian speakers probably won't allow this

to be installed without being able to read what it is &

understand what it's for

- oh & the CAPTCHA doesn't

work when the page is translated through google.

Let me know if you want this file mirrored.

Also, the links to your pictures all show 403 Forbidden.

---------- Post added at 09:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:44 PM ----------

I got a chance to install & try these out this evening :)

The resistance versions look really cool. Thanks for not

spray painting the "FIA" logo on them :D

I'm looking forward to your future releases - keep up the

good work!

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These are some really good looking trucks. Can't wait to get my hands on them.

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ZIL-157 v1.2



- The game could produce an error when load mission in which there is burnt ZIL or ZU23.

- Fixed some geometry lods.

- Smoothed out some of the verge, which were apparent when the light is incident on them.

- Removed unused texture. :rolleyes:



01-Download (mediafire.com)

02-Download (narod.ru)


First post updated.

Edited by =SappeR=

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