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Hardware problem?

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This has happend to me a few times and Atleast once I got the blue screen of death which has to do with a hardware issue?

Everyonce in a while, lately a little too often, as I am playing the game for a bit it will lock up on me and just hang there for a minute, sometimes it wont let go and I have to do a manuel reboot (which I hate having to do) or if it does let go I'll get this weird glitch with my picture, all the textures change to different colors and its just ugly....I snapped a quick pic at what it kinda looks like


Im using a BFG GTS250/drivers updated

Windows XP

ASUS m4a88t-M motherboard

with a phenomII black edition (2cores used)

Seems I been having other issues so maybe its just time for a format but I was just curious if maybe that was a sign of my Vcard about to die...its about a year old atleast and ARMAII OA seems to be the only game I play that causes problems like that, figured maybe cuz OA drains so much of the system?

I dont know.....any ideas?

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