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Want to install Arma 2 and Arrowhead, with all DLC. How?

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So I've just reformatted my computer, and would like to re-download all the ArmA 2-stuff. The vanilla game, (Steam), Arrowhead, British Forces and PMC, (Sprocket) - with all the latest full- and beta patches installed, obviously. The question is only exactly how I am supposed to go about that.

With all these versions and patches around, it's getting a little hard to guess which ones I should install in which order, if at all. I'm thinking that first of all, I'll install vanilla ArmA 2 of Steam. Presumably, Steam automatically downloads the latest version, so at least that would be covered, I suppose.

This is where it gets tough. Because now I'm presumably supposed to re-download Operation Arrowhead from Sprocket, but does Operation Arrowhead simply use the latest patch for vanilla ArmA 2, or does it need its own exclusive set of patches? And if so, how does the British and PMC mini-expansions add up to that? Do they both need individual patches? Do they need to be installed in a certain order? :confused:

And after all that, I'll obviously want to download the latest beta-patch. Is it enough to simply download the latest one, or do I have to download every single one that has been released since I last played the game?

Thanks in advance. Please enlighten me.

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1. ArmA 2 install

2. ArmA 2 patch 1.08


3. Arrowhead install

4. Arrowhead patch 1.57

5. BAF/PMC install

6. BAF/PMC patches 1.02 / 1.01

official patches:


and yes, you need only to download the latest beta patch here:


was that enough light? :D

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the 2nd step can be skipped, and 5th, 6th step can be executed before OA patch 1.57


this should be simpler

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