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3ds MAX to O2 (characters/people)

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Hi guys,

I am new to O2, but have used MAX to model my military characers (UK Navy guys) for many years. I see there are no direct plugins to get MAX files into 02 then to .p3d format. I have experimented with .3ds format and understand .FBX maybe the way to go.

Does it keep the skeleton data when import/exporting into 02?

Lastly, are there any good reference materials or tutorials out there for characters/people in 02? (I have read the wiki's and online documentation so far but struggled with 02)

Or does anyone have any good experience of doing this and would consider working with me ? (I could even pay if someone was willing to help :) )

Thanks guys, Rob.

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I can only speak for myself when I say character models are the trickiest

part of modelling for OFP.Particularly if you want to do something a bit

different than the default units.Any serious deviation from the proportions

and locations of the joints will have some rather ugly results.

Unless of course you're willing to do your own set of animations,designed

for your model.But that's a whole other topic on it's own.And not something

you'd be doing over a weekend.

I don't know of any way to get skeletal data into O2.Regardless of format.

I've always found O2 to be a bit,cumbersome,to use.You do need it to set

up selections and lods,but the modelling can be done elsewhere.Exporting to

3ds for import to O2.O2 can't import FBX.

The only real advice I could give,would be to watch the joints,and how

they compare to a default BIS unit.If you keep your model's matched up

to theirs,there shouldn't be any problems with animations.

Unfortunately you're still left with a very awkward base pose.

Anyway.Just jump in and try it.Study the setup of the BIS stuff first.

Then have a peek at some of the vast array of works by the members

of this community.And make good use of the search function.

And welcome to the forums. :)

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Thanks guy for a nice welcome :)

I'm finding 02 a bit tricky to get to grips with, but I'll keep battling with it. The static models will be fine I think after playing around. But it's the characters, which I will struggle with. I'll keep looking around for a good character tutorial and play with the sample characters.

Thanks guys! :)

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I won't say they don't exist,but I'm not aware of anything as specific as character creation tutorials for O2.

Because of the need to adhere to the default unit's joint positions,even the best modellers are forced to re-edit,add and subtract to default content.

If you don't,you get unpredictable results with the animations.

Which is why most characters look similar at a base level.Not because of a lack of skill or originality on the part of modellers.But because of the need to conform to the anims.You could probably get something that looks a bit better proportioned,with a shedload of work.But it can be very hit and miss.

The base pose of the model doesn't help much either.I've found it to be incredibly frustrating to work with.

Post Resistance,people adopted the BIS civilian sample model as a basis for new characters.I assume it was because of the lack of "clutter" and general proportions.Making it a little easier to work with.But the same constraints apply,with regard to animations.Still it might be a good choice to start with.

At first just do some editing of the mesh.Add a pouch or two.Maybe a helmet.

Just to get it in game and see how things work.Pay very close attention to selections.

Anyway,good luck.And have a thorough look around this very forum if you get stuck.90% of the things that'll crop up will have been tackled already.Some have solutions,some are impassable due to limitations.


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