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Swedish Strategic Group (SWE only clan)

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Swedish Strategic Group (SSG) is a clan based in Sweden with only swedish speaking members. We focus on realism and dedication but we still have the humour and wits left intact.

SSG is probably the biggest all-round Swedish based clans out there. We currently get 30-40 players playing every thursday and sunday. The best thing about that is that everyone has trained and follow the chain of command in game! We play as a team.

We use ACRE, and ACE2 and have our own mission makers. Every sunday has a unique mission (!) and has been since the start of SSG in october 2009.

SSG is quite simple. We want you to be atleast 18 years of age, with a mature mentality - this is not Counter Strike! We want you to have fun, and feel that you are a part of something big, even if you "only got to fire that single round" during last sundays OP. We expect you to respect our rules. In game we have a chain of command. Off game we are all equals. Of course there are a few members who run the clan that fiddle around with the stuff you never see.

Our memebers (Mr Bravo (tobe), Nordin and Stiltman) are also the developers of SAM (Swedish army mod), and SSG as a clan has a close collaboration with the team.

We do COOP, PvP and Joint-OPs. We use Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead.

If this sounds interesting, please have a go at our website and forum:


Thank you for your time.

We'll see you on the battlefield of ARMA2!

- the SSG Team.


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