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WICT counter says there is AI but can't find any in game.

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Ok guys, please be easy on me here, I have modded tons of games over the years but I have never had to mod games in this way before, most of the time I just had to download and unzip a file, move it to the right directory and bam your done, so I'm fumbling through a lot of this. I apologize if this is not the right forum for this question, if it isn't can a mod please move to the correct forum? Also I apologize in advance, if I don't use the right vernacular when discussing the technical aspects of this. I know my way around a PC a little bit, but I'm not a tech or coder or anything, so I'm sure I'll butcher some things, (I might call things something they shouldn't be called etc. etc.), but I'll try to explain what I am talking about the best way I can. Thanks in advance.

This is all for SP missions.

Ok I'm running A2OA, and WICT. I installed things correctly and WICT and WICT_Data folders are moved to the right spot, WICT initializes in-game and the AI counter shows that groups are spawning. I did not change any of the spawning times or distances in the original files, all I did was add and configure my bases in setupE.sqf setupW.sqf and StartSettings.sqf. I am just trying to make a basic mission to test WICT out. I have 1 test mission with just 1 base a piece, and another mission with 2 bases a piece and a hot and safe zone.

Now the game is acting like WICT is running fine and that AI are spawning, the counter keeps going up, and I let it even get up to as high as 50+ AI groups. I only place 1 group of BLUFOR in the editor to be my player team.

I have then ran around to all bases on the map and haven't run across a single AI for either side. I even went and grabbed an OPFOR base with no resistance whatsoever... and this is with 50+ AI supposedly on the map. Keep in mind this is on the test map with 1 base apiece.

My other test map with 2 bases apiece and a hot and safe zone, spawns only 2 AI and won't spawn anymore than that, and I still have never seen them anywhere on the map

I have spent 4 hours googling this and watching youtube videos and reading forums, and changing scripts and nothing is working.

From what I gather it sounds like WICT was scripted for CO. Does that mean I have to change some .sqfs to convert it to OA? I read something like that I thought, but researching this has been hard, as most of the troubleshooting happened during v3.5 and I have v5.4, so I have to wade through a lot of old information and outdated scripts.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, I am a big big newbie when it comes to this. I have never worked with scripting before, and the last kind of "computer code" I used was when I was in a HTML class in highschool 10 years ago, and html is flipping childs play compared to this stuff.

I know you guys might need to take a look at my scripting, but since I have no idea what you would need to look at, I won't post any. But if you need to see any particular .sqf's to help me out, please let me know and I can post them ASAP.

Again I apologize if this isn't the proper forum for this, but reading the description of the forums this seemed like the proper one... until I clicked it open and saw a bunch of topics that seem way over my head and way more complicated than this one, so I now have doubts if this is the proper forum, so again please don't kill me.

I just picked this game up 2 weeks ago, and it is the greatest game I have ever played... I just started to mod it a few days ago, and I can't wait to get all the ones I want installed correctly... I just want to enjoy this game at it's full potential. So if I have to learn how to do this stuff in order to accomplish that, then that's what I'll have to do I guess.

Current mods are: CBA, CBA_OA, Eventhandlers, ZuessAI and WICT(kinda), and F2 Framework



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Welcome to the forums...

WICT is not an official BIS tool, or mod, or even for Arma (it's an Arma 2 mod http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?f=91)... so any questions should be asked in that particular mod's thread.

In this case, searching for WICT would have lead you to this.. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=103360&highlight=wict

Ask away in there, seems to be an active thread.

Good luck, hope you enjoy the game.

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