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Mercenary Mission

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Im in the process of making a kind of complex mission and figured I release a little alpha version to get feedback and ideas.


Its I guess what you would call a dynamic mission. You are the Head of a mercenary group and main goal is to operate missions. So far the computer is pretty fuctional as far as contracts go. There are 3 missions available as of now. You start off with 3 others and 3 vehicles.

The current missions right now are:

Kill a group: mission: kill a group

Missing person: Mission: Follow leads to find the MP and return him home.

Capture a leader: Mission: Capture a leader and bring him to the designated drop off point. (note kill his guards to make him surrender)

Once you complete these 3 missions, thats all for this version.

There no money system yet. You also cant buy or sell weapons and cars yet.

To initiate a mission use the computer, click the start button and goto contracts.

What I foresee the final mission as:

-be able to hire mercs with diffrent skills and abilities.

-hire staff (marketing, accounting, Public relations, etc)

-buy and sell assets (weapons, Cars, equipment)

-must pay for repairs and fuel for all vehicles

-must pay for hospital visits of personnel

-purchase vehicle, personnel, liability insurance

-20+ mission types

-Changing relations with the goverment, police, and civilians

-must purchase weapons class permits for auto and explosives which can be revoked if too much collateral damage is incurred

-Banking system for loans and saving accounts

So thats the basis of what I want to do. Heres the mission:


The necessary addons are:






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Hi Combat Agent.

I very much like this concept, it reminds me of Jagged Alliance. Or the movie Expendables...

I already peeked into the mission and have some feedback, more will probably follow within the week.

Sorry that I will only post the bugs without offering a solution, but I´m not a professional editor.

To play the mission I additionaly had to download the Farmland civilians pack.


Also I was told that JAM magazines were missing, so I ran JAM 3 pack with it.

->Eventually you should add the respective downloadlinks from ofp.info to your first post.

Now to the mission:

Upon approaching the Computer, the "Use Computer" action-menu entry is added, but when I move away from the computer and approach it again, there is an additional "Use Computer" action-menu entry added. So I had two same entries. I did this several times and got up to seven "Use Computer" entries.

I think you have to edit the script, so that the action-menu entry is deleted when moving out of the "Computer-trigger-area" or whatever this is called.


When reading the contracts, the explanation text for the contracts is above the box where it is supposed to be. Also it is not completely readable.

"View Button"

Is it eventually possible to make it that one does not have to use the "View" button to get the Contract and Equipment information?

So that you just have to click on the contract and at the same time the information pops up at the right side of the screen? (eventually just merge the scripts if possible...?)

I´m having problems with binocular view. (is this eventually a WW4 addon problem?) I only see the binocs, but I cannot see through them...

Regarding the missions:

Missing person:

I talked to the person, but then nothing happened. (well, I suppose this is just not finished yet)

Capturing the Leader:

I think the leader surrendered before the last guard was killed. (ok, maybe he realized that he doesn´t stand a chance and gave up early :-) )

The other kind of mission, I didn´t test yet.

Well, I think that this mission is really interesting and very promising.

I hope that I can be of help with it. (Although it is just by giving some ideas or by helping with bugtracking.) I will further test within this week.

Hopefully some other people with more knowlede than me will support this interesting idea of yours.

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Posted the other links on the first post.

The "use compuer" action thing should be an easy fix. I made it so you have to actually be near the computer to use it.

For the view button idea, that most likely is possible. Ill write it down and look into it later.

The binocular issue is with WW4, just hit your optics key (v), and it should bring them up, I think.

For the Missing person, you need to talk to 3 people before you actually find the right guy. Look on your map after you talk to the first person for the next marker. you can click on the marker 2 link in the briefing to show you. Ill eventually make the people you talk to actually talk so you know something has happened.

For capture the leader, I made it so if he only has 2 or 3 guards left he throws in the towel

Thanks for the input. Im hoping to get the next version out by friday. Will see though.

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Hey combat agent,

I also experienced a slight "lag" when confirming a new contract. I think its because the new unit-models are loaded from RAM-memory. At ofpec there is an interesting thread that explains how you can avoid this lag. (sorry but I cannot find it anymore...it was named like "How to remove lag from scripts" or sth. like that)


Basically it says that:

-you have to put one type of each unit that will be spawned at the time you are accepting a contract- somewhere on the map already at the beginning of the whole mission.

So that the loading of all the models is already done at starting up the mission.

I think it would be best to remove all ammo from these sample units and place them (for example) inside a non-enterable house.

edit: eventually it is the same when you place all the needed unit-models at beginning of mission with 0% presence. So they won´t be present, but it seems like the models are already being loaded into the RAM on start of mission. :edit

Best regards


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found the link to the ofpec thread and postet new suggestion for lag-solution

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