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Ado vap christmas beta

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Christmas BETA Release - V0.1 :)

It's jut to try it and coment, lot of work needed

(textures rvmat geometry ....)

But i decide to release my stat work for christmas

Enjoy it :eek:

Download 3.6mb





You can find it: Independant/ADO©/MOD FR © Véhicule/VAP Transport

or Empty/MOD FR © Véhicule/VAP Transport

Addons needed:

Armes ADO by GMC - 91mb

Objets ADO by GMC - 3mb

Unités ADO by GMC - 155mb

You can put it whithout any addon and take it empty in editor whithout error message

Forum topic:


In french

Merry Christmas all :yay:

i hope that was enderstandable, sorry for my english...

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go car I hate to see it end, will get an armed version of this jewelry?

super dob continue comme ça il déchire;)

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