For those people who want to simulate some random mortar/artillery fire in their mission without the processing of actual artillery units that fire. put this into your init sqf // random mortar fire function if (isnil "DZ_fnc_MortarFire") then { DZ_fnc_MortarFire = { private ["_ammo", "_marker", "_xcoord", "_ycoord", "_timer", "_fire"]; _ammo = _this select 0; _marker = _this select 1; _xcoord = _this select 2; _ycoord = _this select 3; _timer = _this select 4; _fire = true; while {_fire} do { _firerun = _ammo createvehicle [(getmarkerpos _marker select 0) + random _xcoord, (getmarkerpos _marker select 1) + random _ycoord, getmarkerpos _marker select 2]; sleep (random _timer); }; }; }; then place a trigger on the map, set the condition to true. add this in the activation field. mf1 = ["ARTY_Sh_81_HE", "mort1", 100, 150, 17] spawn DZ_fnc_MortarFire; where, "ARTY_Sh_81_HE" is the classname of the shell, "mort1" is the name of a marker, and the rest are in order, x y radius of where the shells will go off, max random time to fire. if you want to have multiple areas with random shelling of artillery, then just copy paste the above and change the marker name. hope this helps some noobies looking for artillery