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PMC Zargabad Safari

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COOP 05 Zargabad Safari


A PMC unit is tasked with eliminating the Takistani Militia activity in the ruins of former Zargabad City.


  • Adjustable Time, weather and AI skill
  • Respawn/Revive
  • Join in Progress

Compatibility ArmA 2: Combined Operations

Special Features:

  • Destroyed Zargabad City
  • PMC iphone GPS Skin
  • PMC Vehicles available for use.
  • PMC theme small arms.


  • View Distance: 300m-600m
  • Weather: Sandstorm
  • Time: Adjustable

Scripts Used:

  • GeneralCarver Deploy-able Medic Tent
  • GeneralCarver Spare Vest Pouch
  • GeneralCarver Spare Vest Pouch 2
  • GeneralCarver Second Primary Weapon
  • GeneralCarver Heading Script
  • GeneralCarver Paraflare
  • GeneralCarver Revive
  • GeneralCarver Vehicle Flip Script
  • GeneralCarver Vehicle Ammo Crate
  • GeneralCarver Settings Script


  • Weather
  • Ambient Combat Module
  • Sepia
  • Ambient Animals
  • Garbage Collector

Addons: None.

Download Link:


**Stay tuned to this thread, larger player count versions and alternate game type versions will be posted in replies below in the near future.

Edited by GeneralCarver
added compatibility note, and note at bottom

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Yes it's funny, we want to play again because we cannot complete....

Alpha and Bravo team was killed by heavy machine gun hehehe

if you want to play with nice team we can schedule a day and try to play togheter


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