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User mission requests!

What kind of mission genre do you like best?  

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  1. 1. What kind of mission genre do you like best?

    • Stealthy SpecOp missions
    • Assault missions where an army gorup attacks an objective
    • Pilot missions
    • Vehicle crew missions
    • Counter insurgency missions
    • Others

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Old mission concept I came up with a year or two ago. Feel free to steal this idea.


Map: Gulf Of Aqaba Isla Duala/Dingor (it has several big cities to choose from, all with plenty of enterable buildings)

Time of day: Later afternoon (1600 to 1800 hours) 

Mission goal: Kill/Capture the HVT - Liberate hostages

Blufor: - '93 Delta Force (Player's faction), '93 US Army Rangers, and 90s US Marines from DeltaHawk's USM pack

Opfor: Egyptian Army and Insurgents equipped with AKs

Faction loadouts: Delta Force uses custom M4s (either SOTG loadouts), Rangers, Marines, and other Armies all use their regular loadouts.

Player loadout: the player can choose his loadout from a weapons box prior to the start of the mission.

The mission itself it divided into three phases

Phase 1: Isla Duala after a bloody civil war falls entirely in the hands of ISIS that supported the Molatian faction, Afrene is invaded and their armed forces collapse in total chaos.
International efforts to the island cease, but before they leave the war torn country, some western/U.N. officials are taken hostages by the insiurgents, kept in a town and ready for interrogation by an HVT.
The player, a Delta Force member spawns aboard an aircraft carrier (or LHD) a mile or two offshore from a coastal city. The player is given several minutes to choose his loadout (he can choose any weapon he wants) and then is ordered to board a UH-60 Black Hawk with other members of his team. The Black Hawk then joins a force of other Black Hawks and Cobra/AH-6 gunship escorts hovering above. The helicopter force then flies into the city to their landing zones. Delta and Rangers fastrope from their helicopters. Rangers surround the target building and hold off any counter-attacks, Delta Force (with the player as the point man) clears the target building of all enemies, but do not find the HVT nor the hostages. Up to this point, the player encounters minor resistance from insurgents.

Phase 2: After several minutes the player receives intel that the HVT is holed up in another building several blocks away. The force of Rangers and Delta then proceed on foot to the building, clearing checkpoints along the way. Rangers once again acting a blocking force, while Delta clears the building. The player clears the building and has the option of either capturing the HVT or killing him, at the same time hostages must be rescued before insurgents decide to execute them. In this phase, the player faces increased resistance from Egyptian Army, and light vehicle support (technicals, BTRs, etc.).

Phase 3: At this point, an enemy counter attack begins in earnest, with heavy armor and Egyptian Army infantry beginning to move in from outside the city where they were previously stationed. At this point, the player is either given access to airstrikes or has an ammo drop containing rocket launchers dropped off at his positions. If the player has captured the HVT alive, he only needs to hold off the counter attack for a few minutes until a helicopter arrives and picks both the player and HVT up and flies back to the carrier. However, the player has killed the HVT, he must fight off the counter attack for much longer until reinforcements arrive in the form of US Marines with their own Heavy Armor.

End Conditions:
-Capture the HVT alive with western hostages and extract back to the carrier OR kill the HVT and hold off the enemy counter-attack until reinforcements arrive.

Other scripts:
-Add in other warships along with the carrier to give the appearance that the player is taking part in a much larger battle.
-Helicopters circle the player during the mission, occasionally taking out nearby enemies.
-Have one or two choppers be shot down by MANPADs over the course of the mission before, during, or after initial insertion. I personally think it would be better to have a few losses in air assets, for realistic purposes. Otherwise it's hard to believe after many air assets are lost, the mission continues.
-Occasionally a lone F-35 overfly the scene at random bombarding random enemy position for cinematic purposes.

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