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GeneralCarver Spare Backpack Script

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Compatability: ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead


  • Multiplayer Compatible
  • Gives players a deploy-able backpack
  • Can change the type of backpack used.


This script creates a ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead Backpack which a player can deploy from his action menu. The backpack is clientside (other players on a multiplayer server will not be able to see or access it). This is intended to offer ArmA 2 units which cannot carry the Arrowhead expansion backpacks on their person, a simulated way of having a backpack. Deploy the backpack from your action menu. The deployed backpack can be used like any other normally deployed Arrowhead backpack. "Pickup" the backpack via the action on the backpack.

Known Issues:

1. Usability issue - As mentioned above, this was created to give ArmA 2 units in Arrowhead a way of "carrying" a backpack. Arrowhead and expansion units can use backpacks. If this script is used for those units players will have the normal "take backpack" action to pick up the backpack normally. If this does occur, they can simply drop it and still access the pickup action associated with this script. Not recommended for use with Arrowhead and expansion units.

Video Demo:


  1. Copy the scripts directory from the sample mission directory over to your mission's directory.
  2. Copy the contents of the init.sqf over to your mission's init.sqf.
  3. Set the variable gc_spare_backpack_script_revive in the mission init.sqf to determine if your mission is using a revive script or not. (true/false)
  4. In the mission editor copy the marker in the sample mission over to your mission and place it somewhere out of the way.
  5. In the mission editor copy over or insert the Functions module into your mission.
  6. In the Action Manager Script (located in the "scripts" directory) you can set which type of backpack you want the script to create.

Download Link:


(always use this link for most up to date version)

-Note: at this time I do not give my approval for ArmAholic to host this script. Armaholic admins can contact me via PM.

Edited by GeneralCarver
added download link note.

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Looks great, thanks !

YOUR ARE MOST WELCOME SIR! It was my HONOR to please you! lol. Now make some great missions and invite me to play sometime!

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