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GeneralCarver Second Primary Weapon Script

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1. Any version of ArmA 2 or its expansions.

2. Respawn compatible

3. Multiplayer compatible

Use Disclaimer: This script is 100% open source. Use and edit as you wish.


This script adds the ability for a player to have a second primary weapon. The player can switch between weapons via his action menu.

Demo Video:

Known Issues:

1. If a mission has respawn, upon respawn if the player has a second primary weapon stored, it will still be available.

Installation Instructions

1. Copy the "scripts" directory from the sample mission over to your mission's directory.

2. Copy the contents of the sample mission's init.sqf to your mission's init.sqf.

4. Play and enjoy.

Download Link:


-Note: At this time I do not give ArmAholic approval to host this script. ArmAholic admins can contact me via PM.

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This script works great! And works great in multiplayer!

My only complaint is that we can't load up a rifle on magazines, then put the rifle and all of its mags in the invisible "backpack" and then grab a M249 saw with plenty of mags, then switch weapon to the rifle and still have all of it's mags while the M249 and its mags go into the "backpack."

Basically, the sharing of the inventory space. Is there a work around for this script to include this? I've seen it on some Domination servers that have the action labeled i.e., "switch M16 to backpack" and etc., etc.

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No way man. You want a Xeno "magical pocket" your on your own. I like having the limitation. Carry a backpack if u need more ammo.

Feel free to edit the script if you like and add that feature for yourself.

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