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TutIsland config.cpp dont work..

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Made a island in visitor, look good happy.

Now OFP cant start.

"" tutisland\config.cpp/cfgworlds.`:{ encountered instead of = ""


So i change the { to = in the config.cpp

And now it´s

tutisland\config.cpp/: = encountered instead of {

What can i do about it?

Here is the config file.

// Example config file for Visitor Tutorial island

// some basic defines

#define TEast 0

#define TWest 1

#define TGuerrila 2

#define TCivilian 3

#define TSideUnknown 4

#define TEnemy 5

#define TFriendly 6

#define TLogic 7

#define true 1

#define false 0

// type scope

#define private 0

#define protected 1

#define public 2

class CfgPatches


class TutIsland{units[]={};weapons[]={};requiredVersion = 1.40;};


class CfgWorldList {

class TutIsland {};


class CfgEnvSounds {};

class CfgWorlds


class DefaultWorld {};

class Eden: DefaultWorld {};

class TutIsland: Eden {};



description="Visitor Tutorial";




class Names





Cant understand why there is "class TutIsland: Eden" inside the config.cpp, what has Eden to do with TutIsland?

Should i replace Eden with TutIsland?

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