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Got game crash? Do this

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Just to report a strange bug on Chernarus Map :

Yesterday, I was finishing creating a mission and when I wanted to test it via the Editor, the mission load, I saw my soldier, but during few second the game freezes, paused and then worked fine.

So I check my mission and i find the problem :

On the airport on the North of Chernarus, I put in a hangar, some guys with animations and a UH-1Y fold. One door of this hangar was opened.

When I deleted the guys in the hangar, the UH-1Y and the animation to open the door of the hangar, and then retested the mission, it worked well.

So it's seems there is a problem with this hangar. Its ID is 137079 and i have this in my rpt :

Performance warning: Very large search for 137079 (>300 m)
Performance warning: Search for 1df8c100# 137079: hangar_2.p3d was very large (10770 m)
Performance warning: Very large search for 137079 (>300 m)
Performance warning: Search for 1df8c100# 137079: hangar_2.p3d was very large (10770 m)

To precise, I check with ArmA 2 CO 1.62 (no beta patch) and without any other addons.


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Reporting a strange crash that seems to occur after 10~ minutes of playing, both in SP and MP.

ArmA2:CO v 1.62 (no beta patch).

This is with ACE (which has also been reported in their thread). I haven't had time to test it with vanilla ArmA2. I am running the latest version of the game.

Crash report logs: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/16140164/ArmA2/errorLogs20121217.rar

The game seems to lose its video. It crashes to desktop, but ArmA is still running and mouse commands will still have an effect in game (shooting, etc which I can hear). I updated video card drivers thinking this would fix it but still no luck. Any ideas?

I made some hardware changes to my computer before I noticed this happening (installed a new internal HDD). I've opened the case and verified the video card is plugged in and configured correctly and it throws no errors in other games.

Going to totally reinstall tonight and report back but would like to know if anyone else has experienced this error.

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I was playing fine on Friday but tonight every time I try and launch Arma2OA it crashes. I've tried with no mods and with and without the beta. The only thing I recall changing recently is updating my graphics driver from Cat 12.6 to 13.2beta3 but I think I actually did that before Friday. The only other I just did before trying to play tonight is update the beta and CWR2 with Six Updater but as I've tried launching without mods or the beta I can't see that can be connected.

I tried with the atiumdag.dll from Cat 12.6 in the A2OA folder but it still crashes so it's probably nothing to do with the driver.

I've tried killing practically every other app and service that isn't essential as well.

I tried with the various allocators as well.

My RPT shows the following:

== D:\Games\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\arma2oa.exe
== "D:\Games\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\arma2oa.exe" "-mod=Expansion" "-name=doveman" -nosplash -world=empty 
Exe timestamp: 2012/07/30 21:38:25
Current time:  2013/02/03 19:26:40

Version 1.62.95248
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 009C4313
Allocator: D:\Games\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll
graphics:  D3D9, Device: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series, Driver:aticfx32.dll
resolution:  1920x1200x32
 CACharacters_E in ca\characters_e\, CAWheeled_E_Volha in ca\wheeled_e\volha\
 CAWeapons_E_KORD in ca\weapons_e\kord\
 CAWheeled_E_stryker in ca\wheeled_e\stryker\, CASounds_E in ca\sounds_e\
 CAAir2 in ca\air2\, zargabad in ca\zargabad\
 CA_Animals2_Chicken in ca\animals2\birds\chicken\
 CAWheeled_E_LandRover in ca\wheeled_e\lr\, CA_Missions_ACR in ca\missions_acr\
 CA_Missions_BAF_Templates_SecOps in ca\missions_baf\templates\secopsbaf.west\
 CA_Missions_GarbageCollector in ca\modules\garbage_collector\
 CAStructures_PMC_Buildings_Bunker in ca\structures_pmc\buildings\bunker\
 CAFonts in ca\uifonts\, CAWeapons_Colt1911 in ca\weapons\colt1911\
 CAWheeled3 in ca\wheeled3\, CAWheeled_ACR_T810 in ca\wheeled_acr\t810\
 CAWeapons_E_LeeEnfield in ca\weapons_e\leeenfield\
 CA_Animals2_Cow in ca\animals2\cow\, CAWeapons_E_ZU23 in ca\weapons_e\zu23\
 CA_E in ca\ca_e\, CAAir2_ChukarTarget in ca\air2\chukar\
 CA_Missions_E_SecOps in ca\missions_e\som\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc_Infostands in ca\mp_armory\misc\infostands\, CAAir3 in ca\air3\
 CARocks_E in ca\rocks_e\
 CAStructures_E_Ind_Misc_PowerStation in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_powerstation\
 CA_Animals2_WildBoar in ca\animals2\wildboar\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc_Red_Light in ca\mp_armory\misc\red_light\
 CAWeapons_E_TOW in ca\weapons_e\tow\
 CACharacters_BAF_Head in ca\characters_d_baf\heads\
 CA_Dubbing_PMC in ca\dubbing_pmc\
 CAMisc_ACR_TestSphere in ca\misc_acr\testsphere\, BI_SRRS in ca\modules\srrs\
 CA_Missions_BattlefieldClearance in ca\modules\bc\
 CA_Modules_ARTY in ca\modules\arty\, CARoads2Bridge in ca\roads2\bridge\
 CATracked2_T34 in ca\tracked2\t34\, CAWheeled_ACR_HMMWV in ca\wheeled_acr\hmmwv\
 CAWheeled_PMC in ca\wheeled_pmc\, CAWheeled_E_UAZ in ca\wheeled_e\uaz\
 CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_powerline in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_powerline\
 CAWeapons_E_M14 in ca\weapons_e\m14\, CAWheeled_E_V3S in ca\wheeled_e\v3s\
 CAAir_E_AH64D in ca\air_e\ah64\, Shed_wooden in ca\buildings2\shed_wooden\
 CAWeapons_E in ca\weapons_e\, CACharacters_BAF in ca\characters_d_baf\
 CACharacters_PMC_Head in ca\characters_pmc\heads\
 CALanguage_PMC in ca\language_pmc\
 CA_Missions_AmbientCombat in ca\modules\ambient_combat\
 CARoads2Dam in ca\roads2\dam\, CAWheeled2_LADA in ca\wheeled2\lada\
 CA_Modules_E_OO in ca\modules_e\oo\, CAAir2_F35B in ca\air2\f35b\
 CA_Anims_Char in ca\anims\characters\config\
 CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Garbage in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_garbage\
 CAWheeled_E_SCUD in ca\wheeled_e\scud\, CA_Missions_SecOps in ca\missions\som\
 CA_Missions_PMC in ca\missions_pmc\, CATracked_ACR in ca\tracked_acr\
 CAWeapons in ca\weapons\, CAWeapons_ACR_CZ805 in ca\weapons_acr\cz805\
 CAWeapons_E_M119_Howitzer in ca\weapons_e\m119_howitzer\
 CAWeapons_E_SPG9 in ca\weapons_e\spg9\
 CALanguage_missions in ca\languagemissions\, CAWeapons_E_M16 in ca\weapons_e\m16\
 CA_Animals2_Dogs_Fin in ca\animals2\dogs\fin\
 CAWheeled_E_Pickup in ca\wheeled_e\datsun_armed\
 CA_DubbingRadio_ACR in ca\dubbingradio_acr\, WarfareBuildings in ca\misc3\wf\
 CA_Missions_Armory2 in ca\missions\armory\, CATracked2_BMP3 in ca\tracked2\bmp3\
 CAWheeled2_HMMWV_Ambulance in ca\wheeled2\hmmwv\m997a2_ambulance\
 CA_L39 in ca\l39\, CAAir2_UH1Y in ca\air2\uh1y\
 CAStructures_E_Ind_Ind_Garage01 in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_garage01\
 CAStructures_E_HouseK in ca\structures_e\housek\
 CAWater2_seafox_EP1 in ca\misc_e\seafox\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_BuildingWIP in ca\structures_e\housea\a_buildingwip\
 CAWeapons_E_Javelin in ca\weapons_e\javelin\, CAAnimals in ca\animals\
 CA_Modules_E_UAV_Heli in ca\modules_e\uav_heli\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc_Plasticpole in ca\mp_armory\misc\plasticpole\
 CAWheeled_E_TT650 in ca\wheeled_e\tt650\
 CA_Modules_E_Functions in ca\modules_e\functions\, CA_AH64D in ca\ah64\
 CAAir_ACR_L39 in ca\air_acr\l39\, CA_Dubbing in ca\dubbing\
 CATracked_W_BAF in ca\tracked_w_baf\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Statue in ca\structures_e\housea\a_statue\
 CAWeapons_E_Igla in ca\weapons_e\igla\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc_Entrance_Gate in ca\mp_armory\misc\entrance_gate\
 CAStructures_E_HouseL in ca\structures_e\housel\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc_Sign_Armex in ca\mp_armory\misc\sign_armex\
 CARoads_E in ca\roads_e\, CAAir_ACR in ca\air_acr\
 CAStructures_E_Ind_Ind_Coltan_Mine in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_coltan_mine\
 CAAir in ca\air\, CA_Modules_E in ca\modules_e\
 CAWeapons_E_M136 in ca\weapons_e\m136\, CAStructures_E_Ind in ca\structures_e\ind\
 CAWeapons_E_M240 in ca\weapons_e\m240\, CA_BAF in ca\data_baf\
 CA_HighCommand in ca\modules\hc\, CA_Modules_DynO in ca\modules\dyno\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc_Laptop in ca\mp_armory\misc\laptop\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc_Loudspeakers in ca\mp_armory\misc\loudspeakers\
 CA_Animals2_Rabbit in ca\animals2\rabbit\
 CA_MPA_Core in ca\mp_armory\armory_core\
 CAWheeled_E_Old_bike in ca\wheeled_e\old_bike\
 CAWeapons_E_fnfal in ca\weapons_e\fnfal\, CAAir_E_Halo in ca\air_e\halo\
 CATracked_E_BMP2 in ca\tracked_e\bmp\, CA_DubbingRadio_PMC in ca\dubbingradio_pmc\
 CAMisc_ACR_ScaffoldingSmall in ca\misc_acr\scaffoldingsmall\
 CAStructures_Wall in ca\structures\wall\, CAWheeled2_Ikarus in ca\wheeled2\ikarus\
 CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_cables in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_cables\
 CAWheeled_E_MTVR in ca\wheeled_e\mtvr\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Villa in ca\structures_e\housea\a_villa\
 CA_Animals2_Goat in ca\animals2\goat\
 CATracked2_2S6M_Tunguska in ca\tracked2\2s6m_tunguska\
 CATracked2_us_m270mlrs in ca\tracked2\us_m270mlrs\, CAWater2 in ca\water2\
 CAWeapons_ACR_LRTV in ca\weapons_acr\lrtv\
 CAWeapons_PMC_XM8 in ca\weapons_pmc\xm8\, CAWheeled_W_BAF in ca\wheeled_w_baf\
 CA_Animals_E in ca\animals_e\, CAWeapons_E_PK in ca\weapons_e\pk\
 CABuildings2 in ca\buildings2\, CA_Modules_E_Gita in ca\modules_e\gita\
 CATracked_E in ca\tracked_e\, CAAir_PMC in ca\air_pmc\
 CA_AIR_E_MQ9PredatorB in ca\air_e\mq9predatorb\
 CAData_ParticleEffects in ca\data\particleeffects\, CA_Modules in ca\modules\
 CATracked2_T90 in ca\tracked2\t90\, CATracked2 in ca\tracked2\
 CAWeapons_AK in ca\weapons\ak\, CAWeapons_BAF in ca\weapons_baf\
 CAWheeled_ACR_Dingo in ca\wheeled_acr\dingo\, CAWeapons_E_AK in ca\weapons_e\ak\
 CAAir_PMC_KA137 in ca\air_pmc\ka137\
 CA_Animals2_Anim_Config in ca\animals2\animconfig\
 CAStructures_E_Wall in ca\structures_e\wall\
 CATracked_E_M2A2_Bradley in ca\tracked_e\m2a2_bradley\
 CATracked_E_M1_Abrams in ca\tracked_e\m1_abrams\, CACharacters2 in ca\characters2\
 CA_Modules_ZoRA in ca\modules\zora\, CA_Modules_Coin in ca\modules\coin\
 ProvingGrounds_PMC in ca\provinggrounds_pmc\
 CAStructuresHouse_Shed_Ind in ca\structures\shed_ind\
 CAStructures_PMC_Walls in ca\structures_pmc\walls\
 CAStructures_PMC_FuelStation in ca\structures_pmc\ind\fuelstation\
 CAWeapons_M252_81mm_Mortar in ca\weapons\m252_81mm_mortar\
 Warfare2_E in ca\warfare2_e\, CAWeapons_E_scar in ca\weapons_e\scar\
 CAWeapons_E_M47 in ca\weapons_e\m47\, CA_MPA_MP in ca\mp_armory\armory_mp\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc in ca\mp_armory\misc\
 CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Lamp in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_lamp\
 CA_MPA_Scenarios in ca\mp_armory\armory_mp_scenarios\
 CA_Modules_UAV in ca\modules\uav\, Mountains_ACR in ca\afghan\
 CARoads2 in ca\roads2\, CAWeapons2 in ca\weapons2\
 CA_Modules_Alice2 in ca\modules_e\alice2\, CAData in ca\
 CAStructures_E_Wall_Wall_L in ca\structures_e\wall\wall_l\
 CAWeapons_E_RPG18 in ca\weapons_e\rpg18\, CAWheeled_E_s1203 in ca\wheeled_e\s1203\
 CALanguageMissions_baf in ca\languagemissions_baf\
 CA_Modules_clouds in ca\modules\clouds\
 CAWeapons_2b14_82mm_Mortar in ca\weapons\podnos_2b14_82mm\
 CAWheeled_Pickup in ca\wheeled\datsun_armed\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Minaret_Porto in ca\structures_e\housea\a_minaret_porto\
 CAWheeled_E_BTR40 in ca\wheeled_e\btr40\, CAAir_E_UH60M in ca\air_e\uh60m\
 CA_AIR_E_Su25 in ca\air_e\su25\, CAWeapons_E_Strela in ca\weapons_e\strela\
 CAAir3_Su34 in ca\air3\su34\, CAWeapons_E_DSHKM in ca\weapons_e\dshkm\
 CAWheeled_E_Ikarus in ca\wheeled_e\ikarus\
 CA_E_ParticleEffects in ca\ca_e\data\particleeffects\, CA_MPA in ca\mp_armory\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Minaret in ca\structures_e\housea\a_minaret\
 CA_Heads in ca\characters\heads\, CA_Modules_Alice in ca\modules\alice\
 CAStructures_PMC_Buildings_Ruin_Cowshed in ca\structures_pmc\buildings\ruins\farm_cowshed\
 CAWeapons_ACR_RBS70 in ca\weapons_acr\rbs70\, CAWheeled2_V3S in ca\wheeled2\v3s\
 CAWheeled2_M1114_Armored in ca\wheeled2\hmmwv\m1114_armored\
 CAWheeled3_M1030 in ca\wheeled3\m1030\
 CAWheeled_ACR_Pandur in ca\wheeled_acr\pandur\, CAAir2_C130J in ca\air2\c130j\
 Warfare2 in ca\warfare2\, CAAir_E_CH_47F in ca\air_e\ch47\, CAA10 in ca\a10\
 CAWheeled_E_Offroad in ca\wheeled_e\hilux_armed\
 CACharacters_ACR in ca\characters_acr\
 CA_Missions_FirstAidSystem in ca\modules\fa\
 CA_Modules_StratLayer in ca\modules\strat_layer\
 CA_Modules_PMC_SimpleFIrstAid in ca\modules_pmc\simplefirstaid\
 CAStructures in ca\structures\, CAWheeled_D_BAF in ca\wheeled_d_baf\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Office01 in ca\structures_e\housea\a_office01\
 CAWeapons_E_ksvk in ca\weapons_e\ksvk\, CAWeapons_E_G36 in ca\weapons_e\g36\
 CAStructures_E_Ind_Ind_Shed in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_shed\
 CAMisc_E_WF in ca\misc_e\wf\, CAWeapons_E_MAAWS in ca\weapons_e\maaws\
 CA_Modules_E_Jukebox in ca\modules_e\jukebox\
 CATracked_E_M113 in ca\tracked_e\m113\
 CALanguage_missions_ACR in ca\languagemissions_acr\
 CAWater2_seafox in ca\water2\seafox\, CAWheeled2_MTVR in ca\wheeled2\mtvr\
 CAWheeled2_HMMWV_BASE in ca\wheeled2\hmmwv\
 CAWeapons_E_M2StaticMG in ca\weapons_e\m2\
 CAWeapons_E_M9 in ca\weapons_e\m9_beretta\, CAAir_BAF_CH_47F in ca\air_d_baf\ch47\
 CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Interier in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_interier\
 CAUI in ca\ui\, CA_Missions_E_Armory2 in ca\missions_e\armory\
 CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Well in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_well\
 CALanguage in ca\language\, CAStructures_E in ca\structures_e\
 CAAir_E_AH6J in ca\air_e\ah6j\, CAMisc2 in ca\misc2\
 CA_Modules_PMC_Functions in ca\modules_pmc\functions\, CATracked in ca\tracked\
 CAWheeled_ACR_Octavia in ca\wheeled_acr\octavia\, CAAir_E_An2 in ca\air_e\an2\
 CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Construction in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_construction\
 CA_Anims_E in ca\anims_e\, CATracked_E_us_m270mlrs in ca\tracked_e\us_m270mlrs\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Mosque_big in ca\structures_e\housea\a_mosque_big\
 CAWheeled_E_HMMWV in ca\wheeled_e\hmmwv\, CAWheeled_E_BTR60 in ca\wheeled_e\btr60\
 CAAir_E_A10 in ca\air_e\a10\, CAWeapons_E_Metis in ca\weapons_e\metis_at_13\
 CAWheeled_E in ca\wheeled_e\, CAAir_E in ca\air_e\
 CACharacters_PMC in ca\characters_pmc\, CAMisc3 in ca\misc3\
 CAMisc_ACR_Dog in ca\misc_acr\dog\, CA_Modules_Silvie in ca\modules\silvie\
 CA_Sounds_Baf in ca\sounds_baf\, CAWheeled_Offroad in ca\wheeled\hilux_armed\
 CAWheeled_PMC_ArmoredSUV in ca\wheeled_pmc\armoredsuv\
 CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Market in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_market\
 CA_ACR in ca\ca_acr\
 CAStructures_E_Misc_Misc_Water in ca\structures_e\misc\misc_water\
 CAWheeled_E_ATV in ca\wheeled_e\atv\
 CALanguage_missions_PMC in ca\languagemissions_pmc\
 CAMisc_ACR_Helpers in ca\misc_acr\helpers\
 CA_Missions_BAF_2 in ca\missions_2_baf\
 CA_Modules_Functions in ca\modules\functions\
 CA_Modules_ACR_Functions in ca\modules_acr\functions\
 CA_Modules_E_DynO in ca\modules_e\dyno\
 CA_Animals2_Dogs_Pastor in ca\animals2\dogs\pastor\, Arma2_Ka52 in ca\air2\ka52\
 CATracked_E_ZSU in ca\tracked_e\zsu\, CAWheeled_E_M1030 in ca\wheeled_e\m1030\
 CA_Missions_BAF in ca\missions_baf\
 CA_Missions_AlternativeInjurySimulation in ca\modules\ais\
 CAStructures_Nav_pier in ca\structures\nav_pier\
 CAStructures_PMC in ca\structures_pmc\
 CATracked_ACR_T72M4CZ in ca\tracked_acr\t72m4cz\
 CAWeapons_Warfare_weapons in ca\weapons\static\
 CA_Anims_E_Wmn in ca\anims_e\config\wmn\
 CAStructures_E_Mil in ca\structures_e\mil\, CA_Dubbing_Baf in ca\dubbing_baf\
 CA_Missions2_PMC in ca\missions2_pmc\
 CAStructures_PMC_Misc in ca\structures_pmc\misc\
 CAStructures_PMC_Ruins in ca\structures_pmc\ruins\
 CAStructures_PMC_Buildings in ca\structures_pmc\buildings\
 CAweapons_m107 in ca\weapons\m107\, CA_Anims_E_Sdr in ca\anims_e\config\sdr\
 CA_PMC in ca\ca_pmc\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc_Sign_Direction in ca\mp_armory\misc\sign_direction\
 CA_SoundsMissions_E in ca\soundmissions_e\
 CA_Animals2_Sheep in ca\animals2\sheep\, CALanguage_Baf in ca\language_baf\
 CA_Modules_Animals in ca\modules\animals\
 CARoads_PMC_Bridge in ca\roads_pmc\bridge\, Ind_Tank in ca\buildings2\ind_tank\
 CAAir_E_C130J in ca\air_e\c130j\, CAAir2_MV22 in ca\air2\mv22\
 CATracked_E_T34 in ca\tracked_e\t34\, CACharacters_W_BAF in ca\characters_w_baf\
 CAMisc_ACR_PBX in ca\misc_acr\pbx\, CATracked_ACR_BVP1 in ca\tracked_acr\bvp1\
 CATracked_BAF in ca\tracked_d_baf\, CAWeapons_ZU23 in ca\weapons\zu23\
 CAWeapons_DMR in ca\weapons\dmr\
 CAStructures_E_Ind_Ind_FuelStation in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_fuelstation\
 CASigns_E in ca\signs_e\, CA_AIR2_Su25 in ca\air2\su25\
 CAWheeled_E_Old_moto in ca\wheeled_e\old_moto\, CA_Anims in ca\anims\
 CAWheeled_E_Ural in ca\wheeled_e\ural\, CA_Editor in ca\editor\, CAMisc in ca\misc\
 CAMisc_ACR_Targets in ca\misc_acr\targets\, CA_Missions in ca\missions\
 CAStructures_PMC_Buildings_GeneralStore_PMC in ca\structures_pmc\buildings\generalstore\
 CAWeapons_ACR_UK59 in ca\weapons_acr\uk59\, CAWheeled_ACR_LR in ca\wheeled_acr\lr\
 CA_Dubbing_E in ca\dubbing_e\, CA_DubbingRadio_E in ca\dubbingradio_e\
 CAWheeled_E_BRDM2 in ca\wheeled_e\brdm2\, Bootcamp_ACR in ca\bootcamp_acr\
 CAWeapons_E_AmmoBoxes in ca\weapons_e\ammoboxes\, Desert_E in ca\desert_e\
 CA_Support in ca\modules_e\ssm\
 Ind_MalyKomin in ca\buildings2\ind_cementworks\ind_malykomin\
 CAWeapons_E_M252_81mm_Mortar in ca\weapons_e\m252_81mm_mortar\
 CA_Modules_ACR in ca\modules_acr\, Shapur_BAF in ca\shapur_baf\
 CAWeapons2_RPG18 in ca\weapons2\rpg18\, CAWeapons_PMC in ca\weapons_pmc\
 CAWheeled2_M998A2_Avenger in ca\wheeled2\hmmwv\m998a2_avenger\
 CAWeapons_E_RPG7 in ca\weapons_e\rpg7\
 CAWeapons_E_Mk19_MiniTriPod in ca\weapons_e\mk19_minitripod\
 CALanguage_missions_e in ca\languagemissions_e\, CAAir_BAF in ca\air_d_baf\
 CAWeapons_E_Stinger in ca\weapons_e\stinger\
 CAStructures_PMC_Ind in ca\structures_pmc\ind\, CAWeapons_SPG9 in ca\weapons\spg9\
 CAWeapons_PMC_AS50 in ca\weapons_pmc\as50\
 CAWeapons_E_STATIC in ca\weapons_e\static\, CAMusic_E in ca\music_e\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA in ca\structures_e\housea\
 CAWheeled_E_LADA in ca\wheeled_e\lada\
 CA_Anims_Wmn in ca\anims\characters\config\wmn\, Takistan in ca\takistan\
 CAAir_ACR_L159 in ca\air_acr\l159\, CA_Animals2_Dogs in ca\animals2\dogs\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_Mosque_small in ca\structures_e\housea\a_mosque_small\
 CAMisc_ACR in ca\misc_acr\
 CAStructures_PMC_Misc_Shed in ca\structures_pmc\misc\shed\
 CAweapons_ksvk in ca\weapons\ksvk\, CaWheeled_ACR_RM70 in ca\wheeled_acr\rm70\
 Woodland_ACR in ca\bohemia\, CA_Modules_E_UAV in ca\modules_e\uav\
 CA_Missions_E_Templates_SecOps in ca\missions_e\templates\secops.west\
 CATracked_E_T55 in ca\tracked_e\t55\
 CAWeapons_E_Searchlight in ca\weapons_e\searchlight\
 CA_Missions_E in ca\missions_e\, CAweapons_E_m107 in ca\weapons_e\m107\
 CA_Anims_Sdr in ca\anims\characters\config\sdr\
 CAWeapons_E_M110 in ca\weapons_e\m110\
 CAWeapons_E_FIM92_static in ca\weapons_e\fim92_static\
 CAMisc_ACR_Sign_Mines in ca\misc_acr\sign_mines\
 CA_Modules_PMC in ca\modules_pmc\
 CAStructures_A_CraneCon in ca\structures\a_cranecon\
 CAVideo2_PMC in ca\video2_pmc\, CAWeapons_PMC_AA_12 in ca\weapons_pmc\aa_12\
 CAWeapons_E_Podnos_2b14_82mm in ca\weapons_e\podnos_2b14_82mm\
 CAWeapons_E_D30 in ca\weapons_e\d30\, CAAir_E_MI8 in ca\air_e\mi17\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA_a_stationhouse in ca\structures_e\housea\a_stationhouse\
 CATracked_E_T72 in ca\tracked_e\t72\
 CAStructures_E_HouseC in ca\structures_e\housec\
 CAStructures_E_Ind_Oil_Mine in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_oil_mine\
 CAStructures_E_HouseA_A_CityGate1 in ca\structures_e\housea\a_citygate1\
 IndPipe2 in ca\buildings2\ind_pipeline\indpipe2\
 CAAir_E_UH1H_EP1 in ca\air_e\uh1h\
 CAWeapons_E_GrenadeLauncher in ca\weapons_e\grenadelauncher\
 CAAir2_MQ9PredatorB in ca\air2\mq9predatorb\, CAAir_E_Mi24 in ca\air_e\mi35\
 CAAir_PMC_KA60 in ca\air_pmc\ka60\, CA_Modules_Marta in ca\modules\marta\
 CAStructuresLand_Nav_Boathouse in ca\structures\nav_boathouse\
 CAWeapons_Kord in ca\weapons\kord\
 CAStructures_IndPipe1_todo_delete in ca\buildings2\ind_pipeline\indpipe1\
 CAStructures_E_Misc in ca\structures_e\misc\
 CACharacters_E_Head in ca\characters_e\heads\, CALanguage_e in ca\language_e\
 CAMisc_E in ca\misc_e\, CA_Modules_E_Weather in ca\modules_e\weather\
 HALO_Test in ca\air2\halo\
 CA_MPA_Challenges in ca\mp_armory\armory_mp_challenges\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc_Info_Board in ca\mp_armory\misc\info_board\
 CAWeapons_E_AGS in ca\weapons_e\ags30\
 CAStructures_E_Ind_IndPipes in ca\structures_e\ind\ind_pipes\
 CAWeapons_E_Colt1911 in ca\weapons_e\colt1911\
 CAWeapons_E_Makarov in ca\weapons_e\makarov\, CABuildings in ca\buildings\
 CAMisc_ACR_Shooting_range in ca\misc_acr\shooting_range\
 CAMisc_ACR_3DMarkers in ca\misc_acr\3dmarkers\, CAWEAPONS_ACR in ca\weapons_acr\
 CAWheeled_ACR in ca\wheeled_acr\, CAAir_ACR_Mi24 in ca\air_acr\mi35\
 CAMP_Armory_Misc_Concrete_Wall in ca\mp_armory\misc\concrete_wall\
 CAWheeled_E_SUV in ca\wheeled_e\suv\, CA_Animals2 in ca\animals2\
 CACharacters in ca\characters\, CALanguage_ACR in ca\language_acr\
 CAMisc_ACR_Container in ca\misc_acr\container\
 CAMisc_ACR_Targets_InvisibleTarget in ca\misc_acr\targets\invisibletarget\
 CAMusic_PMC in ca\music_pmc\, CASounds in ca\sounds\
 CAWeapons_Metis_AT_13 in ca\weapons\metis_at_13\, CAWheeled in ca\wheeled\
 CAWheeled2 in ca\wheeled2\, CAWheeled2_MMT in ca\wheeled2\mmt\
 CAWheeled3_TT650 in ca\wheeled3\tt650\
Mods: Expansion
Distribution: 1491
Version 1.62.95248
Fault address:  009C4313 01:005C3313 D:\Games\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\arma2oa.exe
Prev. code bytes: F8 D8 0D 64 A2 D5 00 C9 C2 04 00 55 8B EC 51 51
Fault code bytes: 8B 01 F3 0F 10 45 08 F3 0F 59 05 DC C1 C4 00 56

EAX:00000000 EBX:04F83F00
ECX:00000028 EDX:00CDD4FC
ESI:00000000 EDI:0BBAC080
SS:ESP:002B:018CF4E0  EBP:018CF4E8
DS:002B  ES:002B  FS:0053  GS:002B
note: Minidump has been generated into the file C:\Users\Del\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA\arma2oa.mdmp

I've sent you an e-mail with my RPT and dumps attached Dwarden.

---------- Post added at 20:08 ---------- Previous post was at 19:55 ----------

Well I tried to send an email but it got bounced back:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain bistudio.com by mbox.bistudio.com. [].

The error that the other server returned was:
554 5.7.1 <nickname@bistudio.com>: Relay access denied

Note, I've edited it to nickname in this post instead of dwarden to avoid posting your full e-mail for anti-spam reasons.

EDIT: This is from the Application eventlog:

Faulting application name: arma2oa.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x500d59cb
Faulting module name: arma2oa.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x500d59cb
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x005c4313
Faulting process id: 0xfec
Faulting application start time: 0x01ce0243b22afc7e
Faulting application path: D:\Games\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\arma2oa.exe
Faulting module path: D:\Games\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\arma2oa.exe
Report Id: f778d390-6e36-11e2-9681-8c89a563ffda

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because you not replaced nickname with my forum nickname :)

anyway I suggest you first try latest OA betas

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No, that's what I was saying, I edited it just in my post here to avoid posting your e-mail in the forums :p

As I said, I tried with and without the beta.

My original Windows seems fubared at the moment, so I'm using my backup installation which doesn't seem to have any problems and is running Cat 12.6. Still Arma2OA crashes on loading. I did a Filesync of Common and Expansion/Addons from my backup, comparing files by content and they're identical. I did two clear runs of Memtest overnight, MSI Kombuster doesn't cause any errors and I've disabled my CPU/NB overclock in the BIOS.

I tried deleting the ArmA2OA.cfg so that it created a new one on launch but it still crashes. I seem to recall the last time I managed to run it I changed AF to disabled (maybe AA as well, although that might already have been disabled) but I can't see how disabling that would cause it to crash. Nonetheless, I figured it was worth a try, so changed anisoFilter= from 0 to 2 in my ArmA2OAprofile but it still crashes.

This is my Arma2OA.cfg:


and this the video-related sections of my ARMA2OAprofile:


Mind you, I tried running with a different user profile named Main and deleted the Arma2OAprofile from that folder and it still crashes, so it's probably nothing to do with the settings in that.

EDIT: Just tested with DCS World and that crashes on loading as well, so I guess it's nothing specific with OA. God knows what's happened though, as I say MSI Kombuster doesn't show any problems with the GPU.

Edited by doveman

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OK, I've restored from a True Image backup and now A2OA and DCS World are loading OK, so that's hopefully fixed that.

I'd like to blame Cat 13.2beta 3 but I can't really, seeing as how that's never been installed in my other Windows.

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Well I was playing Arma2 last night for a few hours, then DCS World. Today Arma2 has gone back to crashing on launching, before it gets to the menu. I haven't changed anything since last night so I haven't got a clue what's going on here. Tested DCS World and that was fine and booted to XP and Arma2 loads fine there as well (I didn't play it but it loads to the menu OK).

Can you help me Dwarden?

EDIT: The crashes I'm getting since Monday show the same reference in the RPT to aticfx32.dll as before. I assume this is something to do with Crossfire but I only have a single 6950 so I don't know why it would be using that.

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 004EA8A2

Allocator: D:\Games\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\expansion\beta\dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll

graphics: D3D9, Device: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series, Driver:aticfx32.dll

resolution: 1920x1200x32

I restored the same True Image backup to my second Windows partition and Arma2 works fine launched from that, so it's obviously not a hardware problem. It's hard to understand what software problem it could be either, considering I didn't do anything between playing on Sunday evening and not being able to launch it on Monday.

Edited by doveman

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So when I send my files to that Email, do I get a reply or something?

I played the Arma series for a long time now and the last 3 weeks I get random CTD's on the Arma2OA.exe file.

It happends on the Beta and Latest official patch.

Tried to repair my installation on steam and it replaced 6 files but didnt help.

Mods: Expansion\beta\Expansion

Distribution: 1491

Version 1.62.101480

Fault address: 006A441D 01:002A341D D:\Arma 2 OA\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe

file: takilife32oa (__CUR_MP)

world: takistan

Prev. code bytes: 04 00 0F 84 90 00 00 00 8B 45 FC 8B 00 8B 48 04

Fault code bytes: 8B 01 FF 90 F0 06 00 00 8B D8 85 DB 74 7A 8B 46

The 3 crash dump files:


Will send the 3 files aswel to that email adress.

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Need help with RPT file.

I am trying to play MarkB50K Apocalypse mission. It has a bunch of randomly generated options you can select, that's why I like it so much.

Anyhow, as of a few months ago it has been crashing game to desktop (arma2oa has stopped working error message).

I have been trying everything, disabling mods, running vanilla, reverting to older versions of mission (there are many) etc..

I am able to play anywhere from 15 minutes to 1hr but inevitably it will always end to desktop.

I have been trying to make some sense scouring my rpt files but wanted a pro to look at it because I essentially don't know what to look for.

This week I have focused on using different memory allocators in my launch parameter to see if it was a memory issue, since I read this on the forums being a common problem if the game runs fine for a while, but then builds up to a ctd.

wil someone check out my rpt file real quick if I post it?

That would be very helpful...or point me to where to learn how to read an rpt file..

thanks in advance

I have noticed these things in my rpt file, they don't seem like positive warnings and there are dozens of them such as:

Addon markb50k_config_pracs (entry MARKB50K_EAST_PRACS_Regular_ARM) not found in the list of active addons.

Addon pracs_weapons (entry PRACS_Mk48) not found in the list of active addons.

Addon markb50k_config_pracs (entry MARKB50K_EAST_PRACS_Regular_ENG) not found in the list of active addons.

Addon pracs_weapons (entry PRACS_g3a3) not found in the list of active addons.

Addon markb50k_config_pracs (entry MARKB50K_EAST_PRACS_Regular_GRE) not found in the list of active addons.


Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/ASZ_camo_base.nameSound'.

Warning Message: '/' is not a value

Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/ASZ_camo_base.side'.

Warning Message: '/' is not a value

Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/ASZ_camo_base.destrType'.

Warning Message: '/' is not a value

Edited by BlackADD3R

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because you not replaced nickname with my forum nickname :)

anyway I suggest you first try latest OA betas

What is the OA beta anyway? I see it avaliable in my Steam library but i haven't installed it yet.

I also get crashes especially when playing for long in the IA Commander single missions/scenarios in the game. Running out of memory etc. I will send a crashlog next time it crashes.


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My problem with ArmA crashing on loading turned out to be caused by FreeTrackNoIR, particularly a key it creates in the registry. With that deleted, ArmA works fine. FTNoIR has been updated now to fix this problem anyway.

However, I still have the problem where the first time I connect to a server, such as launching with PwS, it connects but I'm unable to slot-in and eventually get kicked. I have to reconnect (after waiting for it to register that I've disconnected) and then I can slot it but it's obviously very annoying as it means I have to manually filter for the server and enter the password.

I made a thread about this problem http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?144721-Having-to-disconnect-then-reconnect-before-I-can-slot-in&p=2276908#post2276908

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Ok. Dwarden i uploaded a crashlog to you.


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I can't keep the game running for more than 10 minutes or so. I have a GTX670 as primary video card and a GTX560 as a dedicated physX card. I am using driver version 314.07 and it crashes, recovers and then the client remains a black screen although I can still hear the game running. I am forced to minimize the client and close it. I believe I was reading that the physX might have some issues with Arma 2 and so I'm thinking of unplugging the card altogether and seeing if that might solve the problem. Any help is appreciated!


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I found the files but i how do i put them in a private message?

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I got nvidia 660ti and run it on 314 version of official drivers. In Steam version Arma2 campaign the videodriver crash about every 10-20 minutes, but game itself continue running with dark screen. My PC spec is i5-3570/16G ram/660ti2Gb/Win7 64bit with latest patches.

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I play arma 2 OA for 5-15 minutes and it just crashes to desktop or i get the blue screen of death. i have an ati 7870, i5 3550k and 8 gb of ram . Tried reinstalling the game, installed the newest drivers and updating the beta patch . It still does not work.

I have the steam version, i played regular arma 2 and didnt have any crashes

---------- Post added at 04:24 ---------- Previous post was at 04:23 ----------

Here are the bipmp mdp and rpt files if it helps http://www.mediafire.com/?hwgzmhebovzs24c

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Steam versions (purchased Combined Operations)

ARMA II runs fine, but OA initially errors with "Addon 'CA_CommunityConfigurationProject_E' requires addon 'CA_AIR_E_MQ9PredatorB'", then tries to start up (loading screen briefly appears), and finally closes with "Bad serial number given in Setup"

I have tried:

Registry fixes (deleting ARMA II OA folders, adding Key value, giving all users full permissions to the Bohemia folders)

Running steam as admin

Verifying file integrity

Wiping out ARMA dirs in steam, redownloading (as admin)

I am submitting the crash report to you. Thanks for any help!

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I too am having crash problems for the last 3 years. Appcrash c0000005 and out of memory footprint. Will get a report ASAP

---------- Post added at 15:17 ---------- Previous post was at 15:16 ----------

Forgot to mention the game is Arma2 standalone, AO runs fine

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