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GeneralCarver Display Heading Script

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Compatibility: ArmA 2: OA/ ArmA 2: Combined Ops


Displays the heading of a player in white title text when the compass key is pressed. Press again to turn off. Why? Many players like to call out contacts relative to their compass heading. The default size of the compass in ArmA 2 is pretty small and it can be hard to read the exact heading you are facing. This script solves this issue without the needs for addons which modify the compass.


100% open source. Use or modify this script as needed.


1. Copy the scripts directory over to your mission's directory.

2. copy contents of init.sqf into your mission's init.sqf file.

4. Optional init.sqf content...

Optional Notes...

// create a scripts category

script_diary_index = player createDiarySubject ["scripts","Scripts"];

// create "display" note under scripts category.

player createDiaryRecord ["scripts", ["Display Heading", "This script repeatedly displays the heading of the player when the compass key is pressed. Press again to turn off."]];

Download Link:


(always use this link for most up to date version)

**Note to ArmAholic: I do not give my approval to Armaholic hosting this script at this time. Armaholic admins can contact me via PM if interested in hosting this.

-Updated 11/21/10 - fixed type-o and repositioned text to lower left of screen. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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