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Cannot load texture problem

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I'am new in visitor and i made map with this tutorial:


I got it working in-game, but when i put some objects to map i got this:


So there you can see that, objects are in place but without textures. :/

All objects and textures are in 'ca' folder inside of my project folder 'TUT'

ca folder:


I can find that missing file manually and it's here:


I know. Somebody asked this but i didn't find help with search so here is new post.

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Try just having the "ca" folder (and everything in the ca folder) in P drive rather than your tutorial folder, so like this:


Hopefully it should be able to reference the materials needed then, when it comes to actually packing the addon, you won't need to include the ca folder as its just material already in ARMA/OA (afaik)

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Hi there.

First important thing is to get the structure understood of the P drive layout for getting started with island and addon making.

Best to explain with pictures, this one will come in 2 parts, its to big otherwise.

part one:


part two:


And an overview of P and my project folder xx, with the island Entebbe in it:


PS: theres many discussions possible about what CA addon folders to extract from the game and put onto the P drive, its your personal choice, if you want only plant on your island only extracting plants might be enough, but when you start building your island then suddenly you need ALL addons, so i just extracted about any addon in my game, maybe i even myself need to extract the Arrow head addons too.

About extracting those addons, there are some rules you need to live by, they are nice described in the tutorial from Atsche ???, well here:


and then esspecially these parts :


* 1: Go to P:\CA\ and create a new folder called plants2.

* 2: Browse to your ArmA2 main directory/Addons folder and unpack the plants2_bush, plants2_clutter, plants2_misc, plants2_tree .pbo's

o How to Extract Pbo files?

o Download the latest Versions of ExtractPbo and DePbo by Mikero at DevHeaven

o Extract them right into our Tutorial partition O:\ComTools\ExtractPbo.....(xp home users extract tools to a manual folder called Com Tools in the P partition.)

o Move the DePbo.dll from the downloaded DePbo into the ..Windows\System32 folder (as explained in the readme.DePbo.txt)

o Rightclick on a *.pbo and choose Open with, then point to the ExtractPbo\ExtractPbo.exe and mark the checkbox to always open this filetype with ExtractPbo.exe.

o Now each time you unpack a *.pbo by doubleclick you'll receive a clean unpacked file with *.p3ds, config.cpp and all other stuff from the pbo.

o There are of course much further ways to extract pbos and unrap config.bin's but this is a very conformable one.

* 3: Rename this extracted folders by removing "plants2_" of the name.

* 4: Cut&Paste the bush, clutter, misc and tree folders to the new created P:\CA\plants2\ folder.

* 5: Do the same with the building2.pbo. This time you don't need to rename anything.

* 6: Now extract the Ca.pbo but only Cut&Paste the stuff inside the extracted Ca.pbo to P:\CA\

o You can do this with all other pbos but for this tutorial we are only using building2&plants2.

* 7: When it´s done so your P:\CA\ should look as shown in the picture below. (XP home users convert all Chernarus content have folder/subfolders same name , .cpp file down in tut.)


And then next:

Your Project folder

* 1: Now you can create a own project Folder in your P:\ drive. Optimal would be P:\TAG\ name or an other short identification\namespace.

o In this Tutorial we will use as our Namespace P:\TUT

* 2: Following now a quite important part where we make sure that we have working animations/ladders on our Terrain. For that we need the respective config files from each Object which we´re about to use within our terrain.

* 3: To do that we can easy create a small bat or use the windows command line: Navigate to the P:\ca folder and

* 4: Run the following dos command: xcopy *.cpp P:\<YourNamespace>\ca\ /S /Y Or manually move the cpps with the correct folder structure to your namespace


+ If your not familiar with cmd then put this copy_cpp.bat in your P:\CA\ folder and run it.(XP-- P partition run,.cpp file to ca)

o This command creates a duplicate set of '\ca' folders under your namespace and copies only the config.cpp files to each subfolder.

o Read more about that in Synide's Great Tutorial ArmA_Build_Environment_Setup

But first take an hour to inspect the pictures. :)

I hope this helps

Edited by Alliexx

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It is currently not documented in any of the tutorials but what would you say is the advantages of extracting all of the pbo's from A2/addons? I was under the sort of assumption that we only needed to use the pbo's that were required for visitor and the placing of objects. At the same time I have heard others say that we should be extracting ALL of them.

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Hi all,

Any addon you like from the game and you wish to use on your island needs to be extracted from the game.

There is nothing like the minimum amount of addons to get visitor to work, again it is what addons you LIKE to use on your island(i allways call it islands, however it doesn't have to be an island :) )

The are some addons that are given to you that are lets say "open source", they are mainly the road parts, so heres the trick, with these "open source" version of the roads, you are able to use the road tools to get your roads to work ingame. Very important is to NOT copy the road.p3d's from the game extracted addons, you only copy the "other" files and leave the p3d's, you allready have being given the road p3d's with the installation of visitor.

Any other questions, please ask.



Edited by Alliexx

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As I've stated before, these "rules" aren't really rules.

Seems the BIS tools have several ways they will work. I've successfully made and released terrain;

- Without creating the so-called "namespace". All my projects just have their own directory in P drive.

- Did Un-PBO most files from ArmAII/Addons, DTA etc, into the P/CA directory.

- NEVER had to copy BIS's CPP files anywhere at all. Just UnRap'ed the .bin files where they were.

Edited by [APS]Gnat

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