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Briefing script issues and COOP mission issues

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Hi, Im new to arma and to mission editing, I love the game but im having some issue with creating my own missions.

Firstly i have created my own briefing.sqf with set tasks/objectives. How ever i have two squads and if i am killed and i respawn into a playable AI squad memeber the mission briefing disappears. I have managed to get this working slightly as i managed to get the briefing to display on respawn but if i had completed an objective it wouldnt update the green marker tag to say it had alreay been completed. So i just gave up and left the briefing as before.

I play this mission with a friend who controls the other squad.

heres the briefing.


* Mikey's Briefing Template v0.03



* Notes:

* - Use the tsk prefix for any tasks you add. This way you know what the varname is for by just looking at it, and

* aids you in preventing using duplicate variable names.



* Required briefing commands:

* - Create Note: player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["*The Note Title*", "*The Note Message*"]];

* - Create Task: tskExample = player createSimpleTask ["*The Task Title*"];

* - Set Task Description: tskExample setSimpleTaskDescription ["*Task Message*", "*Task Title*", "*Task HUD Title*"];


* Optional briefing commands:

* - Set Task Destination: tskExample setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "mkrObj1"); // use an existing marker!

* - Set the Current Task: player setCurrentTask tskExample;


* Formatting:

* - To add a newline: <br/>

* - To add a marker link: <marker name='mkrObj1'>Attack this area!!!</marker>

* - To add an image: <img image='somePic.jpg'/>

* - custom width/height: <img image='somePic.jpg' width='200' height='200'/>


* Commands to use in-game:

* - Set Task State: tskExample setTaskState "SUCCEEDED"; // states: "SUCCEEDED" "FAILED" "CANCELED" "CREATED"

* - Get Task State: taskState tskExample;

* - Get Task Description: taskDescription tskExample; // returns the *task title* as a string

* - Show Task Hint: [tskExample] call mk_fTaskHint; // make sure tskExample and the mk_fTaskHint function exist



* Authors: Jinef & mikey


// since we're working with the player object here, make sure it exists

waitUntil { !isNull player }; // all hip now ;-)

waitUntil { player == player };

switch (side player) do


player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Drugs", "Destroy the drug containers"]];

player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Intel", "Find any intel you can about the drugs trade for funding warfare"]];

player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Officer", "Take Out the enemy officer"]];

tskEvidence1 = player createSimpleTask ["Find the intel."];

tskEvidence1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Serach for any intel.", "Find the intel.", "Search for the intel"];

tskobj_2 = player createSimpleTask["Destroy the drug containers"];

tskobj_2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Find the drug containers and destroy them", "Destroy the Containers", "Drug Containers"];

tskobj_1 = player createSimpleTask["Eliminate the enemy officer"];

tskobj_1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Find the officer and take out him out", "Eliminate the officer", "officer"];


please help.......

The othe issue i have is my insertion is via TWO helicopters and iv copied the tutorial >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgwHR...eature=related

this applied to both choppers. However if my friend contols the second squad the heli will just hover over the landing. If i play on my own and control either of the squads both helicopters land. if i control the squad he normally controls it will land for me and the chopper wont when he controls my usual squad. Iv sent him the mission and it will work for him and not for me.

Any ideas

Cheers Dave

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******** UPDATE

I have each player viewing the tasks with this code...


_x setCurrentTask tskEvidence1;

[objNull, ObjNull, tskEvidence1, "ASSIGNED"] execVM "CA\Modules\MP\data\scriptCommands\taskHint.sq f";

_x setCurrentTask tskEvidence2;

[objNull, ObjNull, tskEvidence2, "ASSIGNED"] execVM "CA\Modules\MP\data\scriptCommands\taskHint.sq f";

_x setCurrentTask tskobj_1;

[objNull, ObjNull, tskobj_1, "ASSIGNED"] execVM "CA\Modules\MP\data\scriptCommands\taskHint.sq f";

_x setCurrentTask tskobj_2;

[objNull, ObjNull, tskobj_2, "ASSIGNED"] execVM "CA\Modules\MP\data\scriptCommands\taskHint.sq f";

_x createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Suitcase", "Both of our enemy factions are trading goods. Take the suitcase full of cash to slow down the weapons and ammo trade"]];

_x createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Laptop", "The Insurgent Boss keeps a laptop with him at all times. This Laptop Has much data about the enemy movements, we must have this"]];

_x createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Artillery", "The Insurgents have just sold the OPSFOR a new Artillery peice this must be destroyed"]];

_x createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Mass Murder", "The Insurgents are murdering civillians eliminate the enemy from the camp to prevent further loss"]];

tskobj_1 = _x createSimpleTask["Destroy the Artillery unit"];

tskobj_1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Find the Artillery and destroy it", "Destroy the Artillery", "Artillery"];

tskEvidence1 = _x createSimpleTask ["Find the suitcase."];

tskEvidence1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["In the factory interupt the meeting and take the silver suitcase.", "Find the suitcase.", "Search for the suitcase"];

tskEvidence2 = _x createSimpleTask ["Find the Laptop."];

tskEvidence2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["In the factory interupt the meeting and take the Laptop.", "Find the Laptop.", "Search for the Laptop"];

tskobj_2 = _x createSimpleTask["Eliminate the Mass grave camp"];

tskobj_2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Find the Camp and take out the enemy units", "Eliminate the enemy camp", "The Camp"];

_x setCurrentTask tskObj_1;

} forEach allUnits;

with a trigger for obj_2 for example

in the on act: "2" objstatus "Done"; tskobj_2 setTaskState "SUCCEEDED"; hint "Camp clear";

but the tasks arent getting marked off as they are completed.

any ideas anyone

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dear thefox1787

i would love to help u out ..

but i do not poses knowledge abouth these mission briefings.

i know there is some sort of briefing editor, but never took a good look at it.

so my best advice to u is to ask in the editing forums.;)

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Due to the unnecessary complications (in my opinion time spent writing lines to properly deal with all eventualities for error handling in a script is better used playing the game) introduced with the new manner of creating briefings and tasks introduced with Arma II (I do miss the simple and foolproof method of OFP and Armed Assault) I create separately named tasks for all named playable units, updating the status for each individually named task on meeting the condition. This method keeps the status on respawning or switching units. It is not particularly elegant, but it works with minimal fuss.


An example with two tasks for playable units are named alpha1, alpha2 and alpha3.

task2a = alpha1 createSimpleTask ["Extract by helicopter"];

task2a setSimpleTaskDescription ["Extract by helicopter", "Extract by helicopter", "Extract by helicopter"];

task2a setSimpleTaskDestination markerpos "obj2";

task1a = alpha1 createSimpleTask ["Gather intelligence"];

task1a setSimpleTaskDescription ["Gather intelligence", "Gather intelligence", "Gather intelligence"];

task1a setSimpleTaskDestination markerpos "obj1";

task2b = alpha2 createSimpleTask ["Extract by helicopter"];

task2b setSimpleTaskDescription ["Extract by helicopter", "Extract by helicopter", "Extract by helicopter"];

task2b setSimpleTaskDestination markerpos "obj2";

task1b = alpha2 createSimpleTask ["Gather intelligence"];

task1b setSimpleTaskDescription ["Gather intelligence", "Gather intelligence", "Gather intelligence"];

task1b setSimpleTaskDestination markerpos "obj1";

task2c = alpha3 createSimpleTask ["Extract by helicopter"];

task2c setSimpleTaskDescription ["Extract by helicopter", "Extract by helicopter", "Extract by helicopter"];

task2c setSimpleTaskDestination markerpos "obj2";

task1c = alpha3 createSimpleTask ["Gather intelligence"];

task1c setSimpleTaskDescription ["Gather intelligence", "Gather intelligence", "Gather intelligence"];

task1c setSimpleTaskDestination markerpos "obj1";

Then in the on activation field of the trigger the individually named tasks are updated, for example:

VictoryCondition1 = 1; publicVariable "VictoryCondition1"; "1" ObjStatus "DONE"; task1a settaskstate "SUCCEEDED"; task1b settaskstate "SUCCEEDED"; task1c settaskstate "SUCCEEDED";


A trick to get helicopters to reliably land for insertions and extractions is to have a separate AI controlled unit on board of the chopper. I usually add one or two units as a loadmaster squad that leave the helicopter to simulate the provision of local security and then make them members of the pilot crew squad once all other passengers have been dropped or loaded with assignascargo statements.

For an example of this trick:




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I couldn't tell you what is wrong with your briefing, but feel free to cannibalize mine if you like. Just make sure you delete out the areas where I have links to pictures.

player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Command and Signal", 

"Command and Signal<br/>
Yankee: Task Force 22: Yankee 1 - FREQ 36.625 and 37.775<br/>
Guardian: UAV Support<br/>
Steel Rain: Artillery Support<br/>
Olympus: HQ<br/>
Romeo: Aviation Units - FREQ 051.85<br/>
Emergency Call Sign: Hammer Down, used as last resort and will imply the need for an immediate extraction. Mark your position with purple smoke.<br/>
Challenge will be Lightning, and password will be Flash.<br/>
Green Flare: LZ Marking in good status.<br/>
Yellow Flare: LZ marking in inclement conditions.<br/>
Red Flare: LZ Marking in dangerous conditions.<br/>
Smoke markers will correlate to the corresponding colored type of flare.<br/>
Location: FOB Javelin - 081019 including that of higher headquarters and commanders.<br/>
Succession of command: Team Leader, Asst. Team Leader, SAW, Medic."]];

player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Admin and Logistics",

"Admin and Logistics<br/>
Bandages: CASEVAC plan for wounded is to extract casualties and use life sustaining measures on the field, and extract casualties back to FOB Javelin.<br/>
Badguys: EPW handling plan is to detain and secure any EPW's and return them to HET at FOB Javelin.<br/>
Beans: MREs and water will be supplied for the mission with a 48 hour supply.<br/>
Bullets: All ammunition and weapon types will be provided upon request from Task Force operators."]];

player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Execution", 

"Commander's Intent: Caputre or eliminate two possible Takistani HVTs.<br/>
Who: Task Force 22, Task Force Yankee, Yankee One<br/>
What: Locate and and eliminate both Takistani HVTs.<br/>
When: 20101112 at 0050 hours.<br/>
Where: Takistan.<br/>
Why: To weaken the Takistani Militias leadership and fighting capabilities.<br/>
   Fariq Faruqi       Karim Takhtar<br/>
<img image='Faruqi.jpg'/><img image='Takhtar1.jpg'/>"]];

player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Mission", 

"Present Location: 081019<br/>
Direction of Attack: N<br/>
Location of Objective: Around Sagram"]];

player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Situation", 

"Enemy Forces<br/>
Size: Possibly a Platoon.<br/>
Activity: Setting up a meeting between two local warlords.<br/>
Location: Northern Takistan.<br/>
Unit: TKM.<br/>
Time: Last observed 20101111 at 0124 hours local time.<br/>
<img image='intel2.jpg'/><br/>
Equipment: Small arms, AK47, PKM, SVD, etc. and wheeled assets patrolling AO.<br/>
Enemy force is capable of Defending, Reinforcing, Attacking, and Delaying, will withdraw if you're presence is known.<br/>
Enemy Most Probable Course of Action: If alerted to your presence will try to flee and vacate the area.<br/>
Friendly Forces: Thunder One and Thunder Two will be providing Combat Air Patrol for us.<br/>
No adjecent operations occuring, day-to-day operations being conducted at FOB Javelin located at 081019 at the Loy Manara airfield."]];

tskextract = player createSimpleTask["Extract"];
tskextract setSimpleTaskDescription["<marker name='ext'>Extract</marker> from the AO.", "Extract", "Extract"];

tskkillwarlord1 = player createSimpleTask["Eliminate Fariq Faruqi"];

tskkillwarlord1 setSimpleTaskDescription["Your primary objective is to eliminate Fariq Faruqi. Once you have located <marker name='q'>Farqui</marker> your orders are to elminate him by any means necessary.", "Eliminate Fariq Faruqi", "Eliminate Fariq Faruqi"];

tskkillwarlord2 = player createSimpleTask["Eliminate Karim Takhtar"];

tskkillWarlord2 setSimpleTaskDescription["Your primary objective is to eliminate Karim Takhtar. Once you have located <marker name='q'>Takhtar</marker> your orders are to elminate him by any means necessary.", "Eliminate Karim Takhtar", "Eliminate Karim Takhtar"];

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