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Hello Community

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Hi everyone,

I'm Blud from VETERANS-GAMING. I wanted to drop by to say hello and introduce myself and our community. We Host an AO Server and have ARMA featured on our site as one of our main stay games! We love ARMA and are looking for people to play with. Your house, ours, wherever! We'd love to get a BIG game going, the full Server type. Can you guys recommend the best way to get something like this organized?

Most of us are veterans or older dudes, but we have some young blood too, so it's all good we'll game with anyone, just bring your Warface!

If you need some help with ARMA, or if you'd like to do some gaming (or both) drop by anytime.






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Hello, I am =VG= SemlerPDX. I hail from VETERANS-GAMING.COM as well. As BLuDKLoT said above, we are a COOP & teamplay clan.

I've been playing ArmA II: OA since around February, and mostly the Insurgency Mission created by pogoman and then Fireball. My good friend discovered the map, and the next day, BLuDKLoT dedicated a server to it.

It is now one of the most popular servers in ArmA 2, and you can expect a short wait for a player slot these days.

I am now working with a second server which we have dedicated to COOP Domination, VG style. This is not your standard Domination Mission, and we hope to continue making it better as we go. Suggestions are greatly encouraged, as Domi needs a fresh infusion of ideas to make it popular once more.

We're looking for a few good players to help kick off this new server and make it as much fun as our Insurgency server now is.

I have made a rockin' video of gameplay on the Insurgency mission we got from you, showing the extras that PITN has added. Here's an HD link to the YouTube upload; short, sweet, and plenty of explosions and heavy metal guitar!!!

Come join us and be part of the Domination Trailer video we are making! s/f

Click Here to see my Camping Photos of the Pacific Northwest

(My YouTube Channel)


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