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Big problem with Arma 2 for me.

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Ok, so two days ago, i could play Arma 2... smoothly.

Then One day ago, i went to install the latest GT 9800 driver.


Then my computer wouldn't turn on,

So i chucked it in safe mode, and by instinct a new that

it was the new driver causing this.

So i went into device manager, found my graphics card, uninstalled the driver update... then my graphics card wasn't in device manager anymore??

But anyways, it fixed the problem of win 7 not turning on.

Then i installed the new driver AGAIN, and it installed fine..

well... half of it installed, the phyX thingy (forgot wat its called) didn't install, but the driver update, and the 3d thing installed fine..

Ok, so now when i try to run Arma 2, this pops up:

"Display adapter does not support format D24S8 for X8R8G8B8"

The game won't run,

I did a quick Google search and found a topic on these forums, but it told me to go into dxdiag, then turn direct draw on...

Did this, but it says direct draw is unavailable.

Would anyone be as kind as to look into this for me and help me out, i miss Arma already :( :o lol

Thanks in advance,

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With Vista 32 BIT ArmA 2 runs great in Full HD with the 260.89 driver on my 9800GT.

Do you have problems with other games too?


Have you installed the latest Direct X, direct draw should work. If not than there is something wrong.

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