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CO64 Combat Air-Assault - U.S.Army

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New Updated Version 1.4!!

Chernarus, BAF, USMC ,Day 1 and Day 2 Versions added.

Hello everyone,

I'd like to share with you all a mission my Brother and I have been developing for Mp online use.

A lot of effort has gone into making a straight forward mission based around realistic combat that emphasizes Cooperative Teamplay and that also runs Stable and Smooth on 99% of Server's.This mission has been tested and Developed on a Dedicated Server for Dedicated Server Use.An effort has been made to make this mission of minimum size for Stable and resourcefull Join in progress.

All feedback is welcome thru the "CO64 Combat Air-Assault - U.S.Army" thread on the Bis Forums.:)

Here's a Description -

- Game Required -

- ARMA2 Operation ArrowHead

- Factions -

- U.S.Army. Vs Takistani Militia.

- Features -

- Base Respawn.

- Recruit Ai Team Members.

- Group Leaders In command of AI will use Group Respawn untill no AI are left then respawn reverts to Base.

- Drag And Carry Module.

- First Aid Module.

- Increase or Decrease your viewdistance and Terrain Detail During Mission.

- Vehicles Respawn in 3 mins when Destroyed or in 2 mins when abandoned.

- Support Vehicles Respawn in 120 seconds when Destroyed or 20 Minutes when abandoned.

- Assets Available -

- AH-64 Apache.

- UH-60M Blackhawk.

- UH-60M Casevac.

- CH-47C Chinook.

- AH-6 Littlebird.

- MH-6 Littlebird.

- A-10 Warthog.

- 81mm Mortars.

- MTVR Support Trucks.

- Intel -

- Estimated Enemy Strength is Strong.Heavy machine gun emplacements,Light Vehicles and Infantry Units in Defences.

- Also Light Patrols are expected in the stronghold area's.

- Objectives -

- 3 Militia base Area's to Neutralize.

- Who And Why We Are Fighting -

After the Takistani War, there were several faction leader's that were restricted from participating in the rebuilding of the Takistani Political System due to being responsible for violent criminal acts whilst involved with the former regime.Ensuing negotiations between those factions failed leading to an all out war in the streets of Takistan.This inturn led to an all out insurgency that some reports have stated is modelled around the Iraq insurgency of 2005.After much bloodshed, twelve months later only one Faction remained.Known simply as the Takistani Militia.

This last well trained, moderately equipped group of highly motivated,hardened radicalist's are now the only hurdle in the way of a Free and Democratic Takistan.We,the U.S.Army, have been asked for assistance to put the final nail in the coffin to the insurgency.

- Takistan Zargabad And Chernarus versions included.

- USMC version included.

- US.Army version added.

- British Armed Forces (BAF) version added.

- Day 2 Versions included.

- Credits -

- Mission By ANZACSAS Ron and Steve.

- The Awesome Group respawn scripts by theOden.

- The Excellent Universal Crate Filler 1.0 And Simple Vehicle Respawn Script v1.4 by Tophe of Östgöta Ops.

- The Fantastic Recruit AI Scripts/UI by Bon_Inf*.

- The very Cool On-the-fly GFX Changer Scripts/UI by Deadfast.

The link - V1.4.


Have Fun.:)


Mission Updated to version 1.4!!!

- Some small edits and pretty sure i squashed an annoying bug.


Edited by ANZACSAS Steven
Update version/s

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Updated first post with link.

Thanks ArmedAssault.info :)


currently working on a U.S.Marines and BAF Versions.Should be available in a day or 2.

Steve. :)

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just played it for a few minutes,is there any reason there s only a handfull of enemys in each objective?

i think i counted max 7-8 ZUs and 3-4 Podnos and some infantry - no armor?

I like how u deployed the defenses around the statics but from my 2 runs on it i had its seems a bit strange to have no real use for the Hellfires,also when in a A10 you cant pick up a target when engaging the city by maingun

Is this ment to be like that?

I guessed on a hvy air/ground battle with massive (!!) resistance,but from the look on the first city it seems this is more "ground-based-action" imo than a air thing

Guess its fun with lots of people (to a point) - will see on that


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Thanks for the feedback.

There are approx 60 plus units in each objective.

There is no mechanised units.The militia are a "underground" group.The conventional inf/armour/arty battle you are thinking about is more the traditional tactics of a professional army.

The militia groups are armed with old,basic weapons that dont rely on Radar ,therefore cant be jammed or detected by hi-tech weapons.The sort of resistance you will find in this mission is based off the weapons the Taliban would use in Astan.

I am working on a more conventional battle scenario like you mentioned aswell but i want to get this working well first as i will use it a template to work off.:)

I am interested how servers are performing with this mission.

The server i use is not modern so i am wondering how many FPS servers are getting so i can get a feel for how many units are too many.


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Updated first post.

New Updated version 1.3 uploaded!!

Lots of small changes including fixing some random ai getting stuck in walls in houses.


U.S.Marine Corp. and Baf version added and included.

Have fun.:)

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First post updated.

New version 1.4 uploaded!!

Chernarus USMC and BAF Woodland versions now included.

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on the USMC taki version, how do you (or even can you) control the UAV?

or is it just there for decoration?


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Atm you just jump in it and fly it yourself.

In the future we will see if we can get the UAV to operate in with the interface in the game with the respwan feature.Its a little tricky so we havnt tried that yet.

On the HQ at the base is the SATCAM function that enables you to lookdown over the enemy base and also to move the cam and zoom in and out.Its pretty cool watching ya mates doing bombruns in realtime from above.


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hmm, when i walk up to it i dont get any "get in as pilot" option... i'll look @ our server setup again..

thanks for the info :)

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