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European combat league returns.

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The 100kb rule applies also for the ECL


ECL league one of the oldest, legendary and respected, has been based at the time of OFP in March, 2002 and lasted on 2006. Last year with the revival initiative Stroybat squad has acted, they had been bought the domain and a host. This year Kill'nDestroy team has initiated to revive the same league.The idea was taken by the largest Russian squads.

For a long time it is considered the ECL maps as genre classics. New maps are made in the best tradition of old maps including new possibilities.

Registration is opened for users and teams.

Types of the played maps: C&H, COMBI, CTF. (In the future will be added TDM, SKIRMISH)

Side: http://european-combat-league.net

Map (demo): download

Addon pack: download

Welcome in ECL

You watch after news on the site of league. Thank you.

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Greetings, friends!

Silence and indifference frightens. Today any negative reaction is better than silence.

I am the representative of administration ECL 2010 and would like to explain to you for what all it was started. But to begin with, I want to assure pessimists that Russian didn't capture European Combat League. This League was and remains the international project. Simply someone should revive it. Traditions are inherent also in our game community. So maybe it is now our turn to act… What’s the sense? All is simple. We are playing ОFP games since 2001. Many of us, as well as you, participated in the previous leagues. To tell the truth, there is some kind of nostalgia on that friendly atmosphere of multiplayer game. Today - I am sure that many of you notice too- OFP games lose that have won for 9 years – the players, command spirit of competitions, dynamics, emotions and so on. Many – at least in Russia – say that Game is not it was before. It can be noticed in themes that are placed here, at this forum. Who plays today C&H and Сombi? Where are hot CTF maps? Where are fights with really grasping spirit? After all we understand that Game is all of us. And it depends on us what it will be.

So. ECL is alive, no matter what they say. There is a website, there is a forum and rules, there are mappack and addonpack ECL5, there are people who want to collect all of you under a wing of League and to remember nice tournament times.

Yes, it is not still ready. There are problems. And they dare. Today we have ten registered teams in League and we very much regret that you are not there). Join, download missionpack and test them. Take part in the organization of the first ladder. Managers and admins of League – representatives of english-speaking squads are necessary to be with us. Consultations and councils are necessary to us how to make League interesting to all commands. It concerns rules, schedule, map bugs and etc. Be registered at our forum and any your post doesn't remain without the answer. Talk to your team members, ask them that they want from Game. If something from this message coincides with their opinion, we will be glad to see you among us, in our numbers!

Hey mates! GNC, JBTLN TNB, Legion X, STE, GKF, DK, SBS, EC, NOB, FSI, LB, AoW, SEAL and many others! You know us. We played with you not in only one league, not only in one tournament or a cup … CCL, FBL, APL, AL, ESL …We were with you there. Played with you in the same formation, endured the same feelings of victories and defeats. Now we invite you. Stand now right by us. We wait for you.

Start of war ladder is planned in the end of October. Support us. Thank you!

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Hi! Rules are posted here

At present we already have 14 squads in active list. Old good names) Stuff of League administrators became more bigger due to german, spanish and other team members

New version of mappack is released. You can find it on ECL website

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Thanks a lot))) We have about 20 registered teams at this moment New awesome video is coming soon)

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