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I need help with attachTo command!

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How do I make the troops ride on top of the apc like this?


I know that I should use attachTo commands, but I just don't know what to write.

Could anyone make a demo mission or something that shows how to script it?

And I want them to sit like those on the pic :D

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The trick is to a) determine a suitable position on the vehicle and b) set the animationstate of a unit accordingly.

BIS provides some animations for units sitting on vehicles.

Example (_unit = soldier, _vehicle = HMMWV):


_unit attachTo [_vehicle,[-0.8,-1.5,-0.7]];

_unit switchMove "aav_cargo01";

_unit setDir _0;

Voila, the unit sits on the HMMWV. The exact positions are relative to the defined vehicle center - you need some trial and error to find the one you want. Then you need to try which animation fits each position. I usually only use 2 animations:

"aav_cargo01" and "miles_c0briefing_odpovedel_loop".

Hope that gets you going,


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