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Camera View in Scene Arsenal using F1 to F12

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Hi, i like to look unit in arsenal, but in scene view the IA choose randomly view and sometime the angle of camera are bad. So i would like you add a fonction to choose to swith view in arsenal using F1 to F12, like in other simulation F12 switch missile camera, F11 view enemy units, F1 front, F2 back, F3 Side, etc... Hope you do so...

You can check other air simulation to use same standard keyboard config for the camera.

This is from Enemy Engaged Commanche vs Hokum

F1 Forward View

F2 Instrum. View

F3 L. MFD View

F4 R. MFD View

F5 Player's Gunship

F6 Player's Target

F7 Player's Weapon

F8 Player's Padlock

F9 Chase Camera

F10 Fly-by Camera

F11 Action Camera

F12 Object Menu

Also they use Ctrl & Alt & Shift to add more view

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