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strange problem plz help

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ok so i have arma 2 and arma oa for a while now,no steam version n stuff,and all was good,now when i installed version 1.54,the one including the BAF expansion,i have a very strange prob..

when i go into a multiplayer server,the character selection screen is not showing correctly.

to explain this a little bit,its not completely blank,but its like this:



blah blah:

blah blah:


available positions for blufor:




and here,where the available roles should

be,it IS blank

i tried once doing a restart and it worked,but then,after i selected a role,when i was in the briefing screen and the host started the game,i stayed in the brief room,and no change since that step

and that was the last time it ever happened,cuz after that time i cant even get there bcuz of the blank char selection screen.....

i tried reinstallin the game twice,installin the correct patches,but the problem persists....so i ask for yr help plz

oh and take note that i havent bought BAF yet

thanks in advance for taking the time to read this n reply.

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