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CO@ 20 The Road to the Altar (Chernarus)

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The Road to the Altar by zapat


This is COOP 20 / one leader / WICT mission for Chernarus A2


  • Fully populated dynamic world aka. dynamically created battlefronts (World in Conflict Tool WICT) / however it is concentrated around the action, but there are no limits what so ever
  • Norrin's revive script - 60 sec + mobile respawn point (leader - slot 7 and medics can deploy and remove spawn point / field hospital)
    • that requires real cooperation, because there is no spare spawn point once you begin moving original spawn point - so one player must remove it from previous location and the other must put it to new one

    [*]Roles - you start with your equipment - you will have to find the place to rearm, or you can take from dead soldiers.

    [*]SecOp + support, transport and supplies for capturing some bases + deployable transport (trucks via radio) when you are not in the safe zone (leader - slot 7, check radio calls)


Our mission is to take the radar base on the Altar mountain. This is the Great Eye of the russians, without it they are blind, so we need to take it at all costs.

We are arriving on ships, land on the beach, and press inland. Easy as that, no fancy stuff. If all goes well, we'll have some heavy support: tanks, helis, and even some A10s, if the guys are fast enough up in north.

So what is left? Not much. Few miles of running, and fighting.


1. We disembark at Landing point with another team. We should try to keep up with them, because we will run on open land, and the destroyers can't really watch our backs, although they can provide some mortar fire.

2. First, we need to take the AA base at the Dead Horse Knoll.

3. If we are done with that, air support can arrive. Note! I must let them know on my radio if its clear. Code: 0-0-BRAVO.

4. We will have the support to move inland (which is probably swarmed by armor) through Pine Pass. Once it is ours, we have a decent backup route.

5. For taking Gorka, we need to clear one support route. We should check Barking Slope OR Clear Ridge. There is not enough men to hold them both, but one will be enough.

-Take north (there is a mounted AA factory next to Barking slope), and the A10s can fly in from the airfield, which should be captured by that time.

-Take south, and some more armor can come from the south.

6. Take Gorka.

7. Voila, the route is open to Altar. Easy as pie.


Three teams are waiting on the deck of USS Freedom, if I loose my men. They can inserted by Knighthawks if I need them. Goddamn Knighthawks, vulnerable little pieces they are.


The Road to the Altar v1.01 // Armaholic mirror

Required addon:

WICT light v3.5

Version 1.01 is updated to be compatible with WICTv3.5.

Hope you will enjoy it,

Brought to you by zapat

Edited by ArmAIIholic

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Just playing zapats mission on the dedi .... working VERY well !

First reply zapat :D :yay:

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Sweet work zapat .... have it on my dedi now and it is working VERY well !

Good job mate !

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