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A2OA Patch 1.54 Release Notes

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Patch 1.54 is available from http://www.arma2.com/supply/game-updates/folder.html

* Patch 1.54 is not compatible with the Steam version, Steam users have to wait for Steam auto-update

* A2: BAF DLC available to purchase through stores linked from http://www.arma2.com/baf , does not contain the patch 1.54 and users need to update their game to 1.54 before they can run A2BAF Full Version.

* BAF Lite included in the patch is scaled down quality of units and audio and does not contain any single player scenarios, BAF Lite is available primerily for Dedicated Servers and Clients in multiplayer to allow seamless online operation of A2OA + BAF

* Some users report problem updating Mission_E.pbo. We are looking into this issue and we will provide fix for them once we know what the problem was plus will probably provide download link for most recent missions_e.pbo

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