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Cotala Insurgency [A2+AO, MP, PvP]

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Well, I can't wait for PR, and I want to give PR converts a taste of A2 life, and vice versa, so:

I introduce Cotala Insurgency for Arma 2. Note this is in no way competition, or a replacement for PR, and I most likely will stop working on it besides changing cache locations after the PR release. I have not tested this on a dedicated server, however I believe I have done everything right. Server admins: this is a pure PvP mission. TURN THE AI OFF!!!. It causes lag, and all they do is stand at their spawn points. They have no waypoints, and add nothing to the mission.


Czech Republic vs. Taliban (Republican Militia)



How to play:

BLUFOR: You must find 5 caches and destroy them. They can be located anywhere on the map. Your job is simply to find them. This may mean going house to house, fending off from insurgents trying to find the caches as well. You have no hints as to where caches are.

OPFOR: You must protect the caches. As of now, I have not figured out how to mark the caches for OPFOR, and not for blufor, so you don't know where they are either. This is a top priority to fix. However, you dont have to find the caches to win. Your goal is to keep the BLUFOR from finding them for 3 hours. Which means that you can keep them busy with ambushes and potshots.

Download Links: Megaupload

Things on Priority list for next release:

Make random cache locations. Until then, I will manually switch them around, and release new versions.

Make better marker system. Eventually, BLUFOR will get hints and OPFOR will get exact locations

Make NPC characters. They will give you hints to where the caches are.

Hope you enjoy. Helpful comments/questions/considerations appreciated.

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A forced 3 hours session will scare most players off i imagine.

To end the mission a bit faster maybe BlueFor should have a weak spot too, like too many civ casualities (would also stop mindless mortar bombardements just to clear areas) or too many lost vehicles.

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Use createMarkerLocal and all its related commands to create a marker locally only on machines where the side of the player is opfor/independent.

If the mission is meant to be played with AI off, add a disabledAI=1; line to your description.ext file. That will force the AI to always be disabled in your mission.

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