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Help making addon / mod on dedicated server

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I created an addon that works on SP and LAN, but it just don't wanna work on dedicated server.

I searched threads on all forums, but I didn't find any instruction or template on how to make an addon to be compatible with dedicated servers... :(

The addon is normally started from config.cpp

class CfgPatches {
class MyLogic {
	units[] = {};
	weapons[] = {};
	requiredVersion = 0.1;
	requiredAddons[] = {"ca_modules"};
class CfgVehicles {
class Logic;
class MyLogic : Logic {
	displayName = "WICT";
	icon = "\ca\ui\data\icon_functions_ca.paa";
	picture = "\ca\ui\data\icon_functions_ca.paa";
	vehicleClass = "Modules";

	class EventHandlers {
		init = "nul = _this execVM 'WICT\start.sqf' ";

Now that file start.sqf begins with:

waituntil {!isnil "bis_fnc_init"};
waituntil {BIS_MPF_InitDone};

if (isDedicated) then {sleep 2; _null = [nil,nil,"per",rHINT,"Dedicated server is running."] call RE;};

and even isServer is not detected when it is about Dedicated.

As I said isServer is working on SP and LAN.

It simply doesn't do anything, just like it is never started on dedi.

1) Is there any way to check is the particular script executed on the dedi?

2) Is there some kind of template or framework, magical solution that will fix this?

I had real trouble to find even basic layout for starting a module, and I just don't get it how such basic stuff are not sticky topics well explained.

It is really frustrating to getting this thing working, and it is working like a charm on SP and LAN.

Thanx in advance, I hope that some of the Gods of ArmA will show pity for me and put my miseries away.

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Well , I searched there, and found some post that were unanswered.

I didn't find anything about dedicated server that could help me solve this.


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apparently the problem was grouping modules and game logics with functions' module...

but it is solved now

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