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[OA] The Maze (SP, COOP, TDM)

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The maze 1.0 (arena)

ArmA OA vanilla

Desert map


This is the latest mission I am working on. Nice mission for when you are in the mood for direct fast infantry action instead of a more slower type mission.

This mission is a bit more arcade style instead of the more realistic slower combat mission types.

In this mission you are trapped inside a large nicely decorated maze of cargo containers (container park) along with opfor troops that also are trapped inside.

Your task is to reach the opposite end of the maze without getting yourself killed.

The maze is actually a mix between a closed off combat arena and a maze.

There are a lot of narrow coridors including some dead ends, but also several open spaces with a lot of variety.

I also have builded the oil refinery of the desert map into the arena!

In both the SP and COOP (no respawn) version you have to take it up against 30 opfor men that have mixed skills (some are more accurate then others).

The TDM version (beta) has 2 playable sides of 8 men (no respawn) where team west has to try to reach the opfor starting point and vice versa.

This closed off combat environment is great to test your close quarter combat skills :)

Creating the large maze took a lot of time, but I will work on it further. Check for updates. Most of the objects used showed up as the 'question mark' type ([?]) object in the editor map that as you probably know has an offset compared to the ingame position, it is at an other spot on the editor map. So I had to check ingame like a 1000 times to see if the objects are correctly positioned. The result is cool though, it was worth it :)

Editor map



- SP, Co04, TDM16 version

- 13 rearm points & 5 concealed heal points

- dynamic decorated environment

Download mission (1.0)

armaholic mirror

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