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Defconservers.com ARMA 2 OA Server HELP! ... I am a newb (server renter that is !)

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Hello everyone,

I thought I would dive into the world of renting a server. My choice is Defconservers.com ... so far so good. Great support so far.


I can't seem to load it to run.

My command line read as follows:

-config=server.cfg -port=xxxx -profiles=C:\GameServers\xxx\GameServers\TC00000000000000000000000\ -name=server - maxplayers=52 -cfg=basic.cfg -mod=@CBA;@CBA_OA;@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_SM

I have the ACE 2 OA Mod installed.

Update 1.52 installed.

Config Editor (server.cfg)

General Settings

empty Hostname (Server Name to show in Server Browser)

empty Admin Password (rcon password)

empty Join Password

Message Settings

DefconServers.com MOTD (Message of the Day)

60 seconds Message Interval

Vote Settings

Turn Off Vote Threshold

True Vote Mission Players

Mission Settings

Blank Mission Template

class Mission_01 Class Mission (Leave blank for Votes)

True EqualModRequired

False Persistent Battlefield

False Signature Verification for addons

Misc. Server Settings

True Kick Duplicate Player

Regular Difficulty Setting

True Disable VON


So ...

When I go into ARMA 2 OA .. I go to remote settings, enter the IP and I get a screen that shows me several maps, mods (missions) and experience of the AI (Regular, vet )

I click on my options and then it looks like I am voting, there is a count down ... and then kicks me out.

When I look at the MP screen it shows a red icon beside the server name and that it is in the "creating" stage.

What do I need to go to get this thing going? I want to play on my server :)

I appreciate any feedback or advice!!



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Thats a strange one if your arma files are the same as those on the server. Even a diff version of ACE you should still get in? The server we have also has a red icon, however it has a question mark inside it and I can get in. When no question mark, I wont get in. All red normally means the wrong version or mod client side. I doubt its a server.cfg issue, sounds more like a conflict in mods or something along those lines.

You could always try and get in a similar server with the same ACE set up?

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