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need help getting music at start of a mission

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I have created a mission and almost got it finished how ever i want to trigger the mission impossible theme as people leave camp.

I have done the following

1. created a music folder and inthere i have placed an ogg file called mission_1.

I have added the text above to my description folder like this

// Mission Header
class Header
 gameType = Coop;
 minPlayers = 1;
 maxPlayers = 16;

onLoadMission = "REVIVE TEST MISSION";
OnLoadMissionTime = FALSE;

// description.ext settings for revive
respawn = "BASE";
respawndelay = 4;
disabledAI = 0;

#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\config.cpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\define.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\rev_cam_dialog.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_1.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_2.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_3.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_4.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_1b.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_1c.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_2b.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_3b.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_4b.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_1map.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_2map.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_3map.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_4map.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\OK_map.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\dead_cam_dialog.hpp"
#include "revive_sqf\dialogs\rev_cam_dialog_blank.hpp"

class Params
       class DayTime
               title = "Time Of Day";
               values[] = {-6, 0, 8, 13};
               texts[] = {"Morning", "Clear day", "Sundown", "Night"};
               default = 0;
       class Revive
	// paramsArray[1]
               title = "Number of Revives:";
               values[] = {2000,1000,20,10,7,5};
               texts[] = {"No Revive","Infinite - Cadet","20 - Easy ","10 - Normal","7  - Hard","5  - Extreme"};
               default = 10;
       class CfgMusic
      // List of tracks (.ogg files without the .ogg extension)
          tracks[] = {mission_1};

      // Definition for each sound
  class mission_1
	    name = "mission_1"; // Name for mission editor
	    sound[] = {\music\mission_1.ogg, db + 0, 1.0};
	    titles[] = {0, ""};

3. I went into game set the trigger activated by blufor present went into effects but the ogg file was not in the tracks list???

I know theogg file works as its in my sounds folder for use in game anyway,

and help would be appreciated



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