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co08 Hitmen wear Armani [OA]

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Hi troops.

Finally jumpstarted my Arrowhead as well and cooked something for you all:

co08 Hitmen wear Armani v1.2

Download from my repository

Download from Armaholic

Changes in 1.2:

*JIP players start in safer location if alarm has been raised

*Removed both KORD weapons from the 1st target

*Added a hidden ammocrate near 2nd target

*Additional triggers to back up task variables

*NEW: Parameter to choose if there'll be heavier tank presence (enemy)

Changes in v1.1:

*Added atmosphere to town

*JIP players get a weapon but only if the alarm has been raised

*Removed AA weapons and satchel from beginning (Killing target with satchel failed sometimes to trigger eventHandler)

*Changed pistols from crate as silenced UZI's

*Added reinforcements after alarm

*Chopper might lift off

*Small tweaks

(The tasks JIP might not work properly but it's because taskmaster is intended for dedicated use)


The Takistani have a neutral camp in Feruz Abad where they have been teaching the local militia to use UAV's in search for US forces.

The one in question has been stolen from a US airbase.

Allegations of also using biological weapons have resulted in them approving an international team to come in and check the site.

However, the team has been replaced by 4 elite killers hired by the US forces and assisting field medics to give credibility in medical residue search.

4 hitmen are entering a Takistani compound. Local resistance has managed to smuggle in a crate with some weapons in it. They said it to be in a tent.

Once having dealt with the Takistani compound, destroy the UAV from Anar and go report your success to the local commander.



*taskmaster by Shuko

*JTF-2 & ICON squad for testing

*Revive by [R3F]

*JIP weapons by Andersson (JTF-2) & VanhA


Have fun.



Edited by VanhA-ICON

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nicely made mission as usual from you,still got some issues:

- no task update for JIPplayers

started the mission,eleminated general,got disconnected on EVAC,came back and (still) spawned @ base (makes no sense as JIP to spawn in front of a "alerted" base - why not make em spawn at Respawn/Checkpoint) with task to eleminate the general

- enemy AI @ base + @ UAV way to unaware/careless

Once the alert goes live i would of expect EVERY enemy AI comes looking for the reason/player - the Mi should start off,the BRDM should start circeling base to check,etc.

- UAV to easy to destroy

As i rejoined my teammate after reconnecting we headed for UAV pos.

on the way to it we took out 1 guy with a STRELA which i took b/c i spawned without weapon (minor issue,but also a pain for JIPs) - we then took a higher pos to scout and i locked the UAV with the STRELA and destroyed it immidiatly ...

Which made me kinda feel dumb b/c first time i playtested your mission i sneaked the whole UAV area for 2h before i considered a chance a to make it in an out alive

If you could make it the UAV needs to be destroyed by either a satchel charge only or increase the damage it takes to be destroyed to make "inserting" necessary?

Yea,wow - doesnt read happy but i guess you know where i come from :D

Luv the theme,luv the setting - get more of that stuff out

*thumbs up*

Edited by TheScar
grammar issues

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Thanks for the feedback TheScar.

Very good points indeed and I'm sure I can fix most of the issues.

I'll have to check for new version of the taskmaster to see if it gives the JIP updates better.

I'll be sure also to remove the Strela launcher and maybe add more cover for the UAV. The alert in the base is a bit tricky. I can sure make the Mi and the BTR to be activated but each unit takes awhile to take notice of situation because that's always how it is when using "setCaptive" commands. Each enemy unit has a "Hit" eventHandler to make sure one can't just get away with doing nasty things.


I know it's silly that you can walk around with a pistol in your hands but some things must be forgiven... (although I know how to make it so that it detects that also)

We never had that issue with spawning without collected weapons... but anything can happen. I think it's in the [R3F]-revive

I'll be sure to make some changes.



Edited by VanhA-ICON

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Mission updated as 1.1

Thanks for precious feedback. I hope this version will be more illuminating experience.



ps. See top post for change details

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ya,played and finsihed the mission a few hours ago with a3men team (+1 late JIP)

At all,i highly like the changes/altering you did - we tried eleminating the officer twice,both times min. me was obligerated in seconds (even under high use of smoke and target team up) - nice

When respawning @ checkpoint i had a UZI +2 nades in gear,sadly i couldnt switch to PDW and was stuck in weaponless animation till i dropped the PDW and picked it up again,same on every respawn (only for me,no issues on rest of team)

We could then scout the UAVarea unharmed,but as soon as we opend fire on any of those guards @ UAV we literally got surrounded and picked off

As we wanted to ride back from respawn to UAV we ran into several 4x4 trucks hunting for us,even the MI pilots from base came close to the respawn to eleminate us :eek:

Took us quite a lot blood to tear em up and keep advancing,but we got us some nice armed rides capped and then the UAV was no challenge with a decent communication + coordination

On a side note,i would really appreciate it if you could change the spawn for people that join late to the respawn/checkpoint area ... we had a guy joining 1200m before we would of reached the mine/report - and he sure spawned just in front of the base with bullets making him a warm welcome and took us out as we was about to pick him up.

Also,as he joined the tasks started over again even all was done (only for the 4th JIPguy,JIP3 had not those issues)

And,oh yea - i m not able to steal keys anymore on v1.1?

Def fun and challenging mission - me likes :D



Now go and fix that JIPstuff and you got another great mission done

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Well, the JIP issues are not easily fixed as sometimes the game just fails to run all the necessary scripts for the late joiners.

I know there is a new version of the taskmaster but as I read it has some issues of disappearing markers for the JIP players so I'm waiting for a better version of it.

The weapon issue is likely caused by glitch in civilian animation / revive script and I can't do much about that either. Usually it's fixed just by cycling the inventory few times.

About the keys... I did not change anything regarding that so it might have been a temporary glitch... dunno

That spawn place I could change also when I get a better task handling system. I just have to figure a way to implement that to the weapon JIP script.

Glad you liked it.


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This mission just turned v1.2!

See the changes in the top post.

(Download from my repository until armaholic link is also updated)

I hope you enjoy the fixes/additions and stay tuned for more missions.



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