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COOP 20 Takistan Force (OA)

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COOP 20 Takistan Force

Current Version: 1.07

Basic concept:

From a collection of different missions the server randomly picks one mission at a time, let it take place at a randomly chosen location on the map of Takistan.

Every player is his/her own squad leader, being able to recruit AI squad members of all types (like in Warfare, without the money).

There are different slots to fill by players, each with its own responsibilities:

  • Common Infantry
  • Crewmen
  • Pilots
  • Sniper
  • Commander

There are 16 different missions at the moment, like clearing a town, capturing high value assets, hostages, searching ammo caches, escorting a convoy to a solitary outpost etc. - a mission parameter can be set to the maximum number of missions the team has to accomplish or can fail, respectively.

A mission generally can fail, when the overall team's deathcount exceeds a certain value during a mission, so "not to die is vital".

Missions already implemented:

  • Clear Location.
  • Search and destroy an ammo cache.
  • Destroy an enemy Anti-Air radar and SCUD launcher.
  • Search and rescue a shot down blackhawk pilot and destroy the blackhawk wreck.
  • Find and stop an enemy convoy.
  • Bring a supply truck to a solitary outpost - be prepared for ambushes.
  • Several "Investigate xyz" tasks, each with an individual outgoing.
  • Capture an enemy officer and bring him to your base.
  • Relieve an ambushed friendly squad.
  • Mark an enemy fuel dump with an IR Strobe.
  • Detect and destroy Takiban Camps around a location.
  • Support friendly forces in a large scale engagement.
  • Mini-Insurgency: Gather intel about a weapon cache's location and destroy it.
  • Clear the street of a location of AT mines.
  • Mark Anti-Air installations with laser for artillery.

The whole mission is built as a "framework" where everyone with a bit of scripting knowledge can easily add self-made missions to it - a template mission with instructions is enclosed.


  • AI recruitment
    Dependent on the player's class there is a choice of possible AI units which can be recruited.
    The maximum group size can be set as mission parameter.
  • Advanced Artillery Request System
    A virtual interface for calling in fire missions, based on polar coordinates. This interface is connected to artillery batteries built by the player and can be used when the player orders his/her AI into the batteries as gunner.
    Having artillery cannons constructed decreases the number of AI units which can be recruited.
  • Advanced Injury System
    Allows to set different Damage Tolerance values as Mission Parameters.
  • Settings dialog
    Simply change viewdistance and terrain details at any time by pressing your "Teamswitch" key.
  • Dynamic number of enemies
    One can set a mission parameter to disable or double the amount of enemy infantry or enemy vehicles. However, the number of possible enemies depends on players currently playing on the server.
  • Air support
    Snipers can make use of the laser designator to call in AI controlled A10 bomber.
  • Rallypoints
    Deploy rallypoints as additional respawn points.


  • Random Enemy Air Patrols
  • Random Enemy Foot Patrols
  • Random Enemy Camps covering the whole map
  • IEDs covering the whole map

... and some more stuff to be discovered on your own.



  • Can be played alone as well.
  • Easy to extend and customize.
  • In case you want to reuse, modify, edit, expand, break, port or whatever (parts of) this mission, you are actually welcome to do so. Please don't ask me for permission. Just remember to give credits appropriately.

Required Addons:

  • The versions on Takistan/Zargabad have no requirements.
  • On all other islands as well as all FHW edits, Combined Operations is required.
  • For the ACE versions, of course the ACE mod needs to be loaded additionally.


---- 7/23/2010 version 0.9 beta

---- 8/7/2010 version 1.0

  • FIXED: indestructible cache at "destroy cache" mission
  • FIXED: IEDs not defusable
  • FIXED: convoy in "stop convoy" mission does not get waypoints at all
  • FIXED: rallypoint markers disappear for no reason sometimes
  • FIXED: Injury System lets you die two times at once sometimes
  • CHANGED: improved enemy presence in "escort the truck" mission
  • CHANGED: missions now take place at locations closer to each other
  • CHANGED: removed the two closest locations to the base
  • CHANGED: moved all assets a bit closer to the respawn position
  • CHANGED: increased overall amount of enemies.
  • ADDED: now two versions: TFOR S (southern airfield) and TFOR N (northern airfield)
  • ADDED: automatic removal of rallypoints after a mission
  • ADDED: mission "relieve ambushed friendly forces"
  • ADDED: FOPs/FARPs as additional respawn and resupply points
  • ADDED: CH-47 Helicopter can lift cars
  • ADDED: notifications of how many lives remain for the team
  • ADDED: medic tent, HMMWV ambulances, MEV MH60
  • ADDED: ammo truck can load and unload ammoboxes at vehicle Service Points

---- 8/19/2010 version 1.01

  • FIXED: enemy reinforcements remain at their spawn position
  • FIXED: mission "investigate -> destroy firebase" does not check for deathcount
  • FIXED: cache at "destroy cache" mission fails to set position into a house
  • FIXED: parameter for disabling advanced vehicles (tank, apc) does not work
  • FIXED: enemy snipes you out of vehicles easily
  • FIXED: enemy reinforcements spawn inside the AO when no player is near
  • CHANGED: adjusted enemy strength
  • CHANGED: locked enemy air vehicles
  • CHANGED: position of IEDs relative to the road now varies a bit; detonation radius of IEDs increased
  • CHANGED: UH-60M can load ammoboxes, too.
  • ADDED: mission "mark a fuel dump with an IR-Strobe"
  • ADDED: KSK Machinegunner to recruitable units
  • ADDED: ACE2 edition by Jack

---- 08/20/2010 version 1.02 !HOTFIX!

  • FIXED: marking fuel dump in resp. mission does not work sometimes.

---- 11/13/2010 version 1.03

  • FIXED: dragging screws up the first aid system
  • FIXED: player remains in full health after getting kicked out of a destroyed vehicle by the first aid system
  • FIXED: convoy in "stop convoy" task sometimes spawns inside rocks / below groundlevel
  • FIXED: sometimes AI recruits spawn inside barracks and get stuck
  • CHANGED: merged both the missions "destroy scud" and "destroy AA radar"
  • CHANGED: changed truck type in "bringtruck" task to ammotruck (makes more sense somehow :-)
  • CHANGED: first aid system: red blurring instead of black fadeouts when becoming unconscious.
  • CHANGED: rallypoints: You must be at least 500m away from the current FOB to deploy a rallypoint.
  • CHANGED: fob: Ammobox with complete content at FOPs
  • CHANGED: misc: M2A2 to M2A3; added values to parameter for daytime; loadingscreen slideshow
  • ADDED: possibility to equip with many kinds of backpacks by using a simple list menu
  • ADDED: parameter to choose between 1. FOPs & Rallypoints, 2. FOPs only, 3. none of them
  • ADDED: possibility to save loadout at ammocrates (incl. backpacks and -content)
  • ADDED: killing civilians increases the deathcount
  • ADDED: BAF edition, Zargabad edition
  • ADDED: 3 additional tasks
  • ADDED: pilots can drop loaded ammunition now while airborne (actual supply drops with parachutes and stuff...)
  • ADDED: commander role; commander has access to UAV; can grant/decline supply drops requested by other players
  • ADDED: commander also can construct several useful things like additional barracks, command post, field hospital...
  • ADDED: parameter to restrict artillery construction to commander
  • ADDED: hide an enemy heli park somewhere on the map; destroy it in order to cut enemy air patrols
  • ADDED: own AI now tracked on map if markersystem enabled

---- 12/25/2010 version 1.04

  • FIXED: Civilian deathcounter does not work anymore with patch 1.56
  • FIXED: enemy officer in "capture officer" mission glitches inside hesco and dies
  • CHANGED: reduced radial blur a bit when in agony
  • CHANGED: Outro cam now considering players in vehicles and on buildings
  • ADDED: SADARM and DPICM rounds to artillery
  • ADDED: dynamic weather
  • ADDED: Chernarus edition

---- 04/22/2011 version 1.05

  • FIXED: initialization bug with creating the MHQ esp. on locally hosted game
  • FIXED: AI bomber now reliably attacks marked target
  • FIXED: shorter days make dynamic weahter look like a slide show
  • FIXED: automatic removal of sidearm of recruited AI to avoid the well known "stuck bug"
  • FIXED: air vehicles crash during outro
  • FIXED: dragged person remains attached to dragger when dragger goes down
  • CHANGED: artillery entirely restricted to commander now, but does not affect recruitment anymore
  • CHANGED: reworked loadout presets feature; you can now equip your AI using this dialog
  • CHANGED: IEDs now either wreck objects or PMC IED objects
  • CHANGED: a civilian killed by friendlies costs 2 lives now
  • CHANGED: reworked damage handler of injury system to merge both damage tolerance and revive chance parameter
  • CHANGED: updated UPSMON to 5.0.7
  • ADDED: ammobox with access to presets to the commander assets
  • ADDED: current ACE equipment and ACE backpacks support (enable it setting ACE flag in config.sqf)
  • ADDED: PMC weapons (enable it setting PMC flag in config.sqf)
  • ADDED: dynamic respawn time
  • ADDED: 2 additional mission tasks
  • ADDED: IEDs a bit more challenging now
  • ADDED: Snipers camping on higher positions around the mission objective

---- 06/22/2011 version 1.06

  • FIXED: spawned reinforcement units do not move in sometimes
  • FIXED: "CYCLE" as first waypointtype for air patrols
  • FIXED: loadout presets not taking a unit's gear capacity into account when equipping
  • CHANGED: improved algorithms to search for potential IED and camp spawn positions;
  • CHANGED: replaced UPSMON by a more lightweight patrol script
  • CHANGED: removed "stop convoy" task
  • CHANGED: improved the resupply system, can now also be used by service points deployed by commander
  • ADDED: 2 min. time delay between tasks (can be adjusted in config)
  • ADDED: dynamic number enemies at encampments; static weapons to the camps; enhanced behavior of enemies at camps
  • ADDED: hints to the loading screen
  • ADDED: High Command to the commander role. Damn right.

---- 04/12/2011 version 1.07

  • FIXED: rearming vehicles at FOB is not possible anymore
  • FIXED: Deconstructing commander assets using construction interface does not refund corresponding funds
  • FIXED: rearming vehicles at service points sometimes added too many magazines to vehicle turrets
  • ADDED: after 15min mission time JIPs have the possibility to start right from the FOB/MASH
  • ADDED: Mission parameter to individually disable or double amount enemy cars (besides infantry and armor)
  • ADDED: air patrols now also support planes (by adding plane types to tfor_east_air, resp. tfor_west_air list)
  • ADDED: information overlay showing the crew of the player's current vehicle
  • ADDED: player tags (player names appearing on the screen when looking at them)
  • ADDED: parameter to enable civilian traffic (has effects only on islands that support the Civilian Module)
  • ADDED: 2 new mission tasks: "clear minefield" and "mark AA installations with laser designator"
  • CHANGED: removed ALL vehicles and unnecessary objects from base, in order to reduce network load
  • ADDED: vehicles can now be constructed using the construction interface
  • ADDED: mission parameter to unlock special vehicles like tanks, gunships by destroying enemy assets
  • ADDED: (variable to define) default cargo content for all constructed vehicles of type "car"
  • CHANGED: increased randomness of picking a route through locations
  • ADDED: cabin lights in transport aircrafts
  • FIXED: at night, the camera in the outro does not switch to night vision
  • CHANGED: long range weapons restricted to snipers now
  • CHANGED: pilots cannot carry any launchers anymore
  • FIXED: IEDs sometimes spawn beneath ground level and hence cannot be seen nor defused
  • CHANGED: decreased factor of enemy occurrence according to number players (was ok for less players, too much for many players)
  • ADDED: with some chance friendly AI units reinforce the player's team from time to time
  • CHANGED: the number IEDs is now computed automatically depending on size of map and number of road segments
  • CHANGED: commander does not need to build artillery cannons anymore in order to access the artillery request system
  • FIXED: sometimes the enemy Heli Park spawned way outside the map, especially on smaller maps
  • CHANGED: improved the search for appropriate places for enemy reinforcements to spawn
  • some minor performance improvements and bug fixes

Download Links:

Please report bugs, issues or suggestions on dev-heaven.net


Edited by Bon
added armedassault.info mirror

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for some reason i can't upload this to my server - is the mission file definitely ok?

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excellent mission Sir,enjoyed quite a few hours on it tonight

I like how you got no timelimit so you can setup a team,get decent gear and make a plan - you need to be carefull when traveling and it has a high replaybility factor due the randomization

Played it with CivLife enabled and EnemyAA/Air (?) enabled and while i enjoyed the Air part i noticed the civilians warp/lagg/bugg along the map/on houses/in the air but that is a minor issue which didnt effect gameplay at all

But we couldnt solve the "Save the pilot" task even we cleared the city from enemy presence,destroyed the BHwreck- the pilot was no where to be found

Then we got raped (cant say it other way) by a random tank patrol eleminating anyone that was about to board the landed BH ... no survivors

So,like said


btw i highly expect you to make (even) more awesome epic missions like "Enemy of my enemy" was,that one is in my all time fav


Edited by TheScar

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Alright, thanks for the first feedback guys.


Apparently the file is ok.


Whenever you have to find something, it is most likely hidden in a building, what, to be honest, makes it even harder to detect. BUT - there is an easy way to approach this: reconnaissance.

Where all enemies get waypoints by the patrol script, there is usually a "guard" group of 3 to 5 soldiers guarding the target, not moving at all.

Get yourself to an overwatch position, increase viewdistance if necessary, and search for those view guys standing around in a circle. There'll be what you're looking for.

Note: once the enemy detects you it'll be hard to distinguish the guards from the rest of the opposition forces, as all lie down, starting to shoot and go crazy and stuff... But that's what reconnaissance means as well I guess - remaining undetected.

Btw, although it can hardly be achieved on a public server, this is exactly what the sniper role is supposed to do.


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the issue is not a lack of reconnaissance,we searched the whole town for 30min after we cleared up and still couldnt manage to find the pilot

Today/atm we r just playing it and got the mission to "Search/Destroy Cache" - fine,cleared enemy resistance,searched the crate,found it,charged it - no effect

Took 2 more satchels - no effect

Used the Abrams main gun - no effect

Gone back to base,picked up 6 more charges - no effect

The crate was on top of a house stair/maybe partly clipped into it,maybe thats a issue?

4th mission,just like yesterday with the Pilot task


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From the short time I have been playing this mission, it is GREAT. Good job.

Works well on a dedi server.


PS is there enemy arty ? As twice I was targetted in base !

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Bon, a few secs after you left the server this evening we won the mission!

Awesome gameplay, awesome mission! The ambush situation after we cleared the village was outstanding. More of that! Cant await the next round. ;)

But the enemies in the convoy mission could be beefed up a bit and the targets could be a bit closer or more encounters while on route! (I still would love a kind of small FARP solution)

by ghost

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this is very nice bud! got a question?

im very interested in how you made it so you can recruit AI! i have been working hard for a long time now making a nice FOB\AirBase template, and i would like to have something simular to what you have(and like whats in warfare),

but i know nothing about scripting lol, and wanted to know if you could possibly work with me to help me make a very basic, easy to use "recruit script"..just something very basic with only one sqf\sqs file(as i get to confused with multiple sqf's files) if thats even possible? i have tryed to study and understand your scripts but to no luck. i guess im just to stupid to understand this stuff!

btw this mission is very... very outstanding! truly amazing...been stuck on it for hours!

also how did you make the custom dyno-compostions? im interested in that aswell! i hope you can help me bud! if not no worrys lol


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Today/atm we r just playing it and got the mission to "Search/Destroy Cache" - fine,cleared enemy resistance,searched the crate,found it,charged it - no effect

Thanks a lot, this is the first report on a serious bug.

I found this "non-accessible cache" thingy in the editor some days ago, thought this is perfect for a just "destroy the cache" purpose. Apparently, this thing is NOT a cache at all - it is more like a BUILDING. An indestructible building with cache textures - epic fail. :391:

Replaced it by a normal cache in the next version. All I can suggest when you have to bring this mission to an end atm is to click on 'Respawn' a view times. Really am sorry.

There is another way to detect the pilot, making use of the xray visions of your own AI. When having an own AI in the town just select one, press 2 and browse the possible targets list. I am pretty sure the pilot will be listed, and at least you'll know the direction from you to the pilot.

PS is there enemy arty ? As twice I was targetted in base !

There's no enemy arti. Maybe it was an enemy foot patrol passing your base.

@Allen: Thanks lots buddy, appreciate it. Come play with us when you find the time, I am to 99% playing on the [TFOR] server.

@kdjac: Hunt Bin Waldo :cool:

But the enemies in the convoy mission could be beefed up a bit and the targets could be a bit closer or more encounters while on route! (I still would love a kind of small FARP solution)

Definitely to improve enemy presents and appearance on the support mission. Gonna have to sleep over this FARP thing, though.

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For me its the best big random coop mission so far for ao.

Teamwork is necessary to make sure the diffrent roles on the battlefield fitting together.

Pilots and crewmans supporting the infantry squads with their vehicles, artillery need coords from real observers and the need for communication between the players is important.

Real missions instead of killing anything that move around.

No arcade features like teleport, transporting heavy vehicles with choppers, mobile spawns and stuff.

No infantry soldiers driving tanks or flying choppers...

For me its the more realistic non arcade variant for evo and domi. ( a mission which is random every time without those arcade gameplay)

I like it much!

p.s. you can play germans, chechs and us troops

Edited by Pain0815

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Found a little tiny bug:

When delivering the officer back to camp he's not being deleted when he is still in a vehicle.

Simply run

TheOfficer action ["Eject", vehicle TheOfficer];

before deletevehicle-ing the officer.

That should solve the issue.

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The mission is to bring the oifficer back to your base /barracks, not "let the officer sit around in a car at your base" :)

Disembark him and bring him to the barracks, then your job is done.

Or after complete the mission hes still in a vehicle? Never saw that, i needed to bring him on foot to the barracks to end the mission.

Edited by Pain0815

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Oy fellas.

What u suggested, Mondkalb, is exactly what's happenin in the script.

Officer unit gets ejected, THEN deleted. Most of the time it works, sometimes not, and, except putting a small "sleep" in between ejecting and deleting, what I've just done, I really don't know how to fix it.

To be honest, not even two minutes of effort worth it to me.

But thanks for your helpfulness.

Edited by Bon

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Bon, would be an awesome help if the truck in the "deliver supply mission" would get marked on the map (actual position). We had a few troubles with players who took the truck and disconnected afterwards or players who wanted to join the convoy after it has already started.

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Hi - looks like a great idea and execution. Looking forward to more updates.

Played today, 2 of us on a local server. Got the convoy mission, took out a shilka and a repair truck - but no mission end. Not sure if there was another vehicle roaming around or whether we didn't really destroy the shilka. The crew were all dead, it was burning, but still there.

Anyway, great concept and I hope these little things are ironed out - it really has the potential to be a real classic.



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Like boggler requested I would like to see a counter for the deathcount for publics, too. Teamplay on publics is already a sore but most players just dont know that when they dont get revived and respawn that their death counts against the team-deathcount that lets the mission fail.

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two things i would like to have adressed:

- a medic tent on base

most of times when u play with only 1 to 3 players there´s a high chance of having no ability to heal on because Pilots and Crew cant recruit a medic AI,therefor a simple Medic Tent on base would be superb

- BH gunners

Yea,i welcome the role fix but atm when i´m as Pilot fly a BH my Infantry crew can just use the door gunner seat but it not lets em go in as crew chief (pilot needed)

Please check on that,allowing the inf/crew to use both gunner seats in BH would be very making sense

And i could bitch about how often i was shot out of my cockpit by infantry weapons fire penetrating the cockpit but thats a BISthing i guess :D

Waiting eagerly for v1.1

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@Zothen: done.

@TheScar: Will add medic tent. But can't understand you have this "crew problem", since you can only recruit pilots when being a pilot. The situation where you are serving as pilot and having an infantry crew recruited which is not allowed to board the gunner seats should not occur at all.

Ok, perhaps you refer "your crew" to other human players trying to serve as door gunners for you, I agree, could be pretty annoying then.

But what could be even more annoying is a player jumps in pushing your just placed AI away what you don't what.

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ya,i´m talking about "human" crew

i agree on the "player throws AI out" issue - but isnt there a way just to "only" affect the BHgunners seats?

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Only pilots for gunner seats in any air vehicles, inf has to get in the back and hop out in the mission area. after that while chopper is leaving there should be still 2 man at the guns. So NO!

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Only pilots for gunner seats in any air vehicles, inf has to get in the back and hop out in the mission area. after that while chopper is leaving there should be still 2 man at the guns. So NO!

Lol Pain has spoken. But I agree, I'd rather keep this restriction even to BH gunner seats, just to have a clean separation of class responsibilities, and every player can do his/her supposed job with the least of possible interference by other players.

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