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The North American MilSim Community NAMC(North American MilSim Community) is a community for MilSim operations style gameplay. Our current Area of Operation (AO) is Arma III operations, with plans to expand and reach out to other AO's after we establish a strategic presence in our current AO. Unlike other MilSim experiences, we are not a "unit". We are a MilSim Community. That means, mandatory trainings, mandatory meetings, attendance requirements etc are not part of the NAMC. What you will find, is tactical gameplay and MilSim Roleplaying, while in game. Founded in September of 2019, NAMC sets off to create an "operation first" milsim gaming experience. Meaning, all of our training, tactics, communication, organization and structure is designed to accomplish the operation first. Currently, the NAMC is lead by Benality and Jones. They bring real military experience to the community, which helps with creating events that are as true to real life scenarios as possible.

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