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MSOF A3 Wasteland is the place for players who enjoy PVP game play and playing A3 Wasteland. Join and play with our team of like minded players who enjoy a great place to build friendships and play Arma3 Wasteland. We offer the general public and our team members a drama free environment to play Wasteland. We invite everyone who checks out our community to become a new member. Have fun playing on our servers and get to know some of our team players. If you feel like it’s a place you would like to spend your gaming time then join MSOF today. We offer fast servers, fun times and a good gaming experience . ” OOH-RAH “ Join In And Play With Us: Wasteland Server Name: MSOF RULE THE WASTELAND $20,000 Dollar Starts Additional info can be found here MSOF Rule The Wasteland Server Direct connect to the server is: Discord: http://marinesof.com/discord.php http://marinesof.com/

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