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Since Exilemod forums are going offline : "Our forum is going offline at the end of July. We suggest moving all discussions to Discord. Exile will stay on Steam. Thanks for a great time!" I thought we all still need a place for the community to have a proper forum based conversations (rather that mish-mash no future references or whatsoever coherency discord chats).

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  2. # ExileCombatModeTweak * Disables Combat mode for fall damage & collisions. # Installation 1. Make a CfgExileCustomCode override for ExileClient_object_player_event_onHit.sqf 2. Done Download (Github)
  3. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Aircraft Traders Map Markers Radiation Zone Loot Positions Concrete Mixers https://easyupload.io/04bvhx Installation ExileMod Bornholm CUP Terrains - Core
  4. Exile Nordholm | Custom Map | Semi-Mill | Loot+ | BaseSpawn Server IP: exile.realliferpg.de Server Map: Nordholm Battlemetrics Link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/13261855 Image Preview: https://imgur.com/a/RdYnUwK Required Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2637842660 Discord: https://discord.gg/UGKYC4vcwb Description: This server just launched some days ago, so everybody is gearing them self up and just started building there bases. - Semi-Militarised - Custom Loot Table - AI Missions (DMS) - Sector Mission - Radioactive Zones - City Capture Points - Skill Menu - Spawnzones North / West - Air Patrol Mission - Base Spawn - Custom XM8 Apps - Spawn Gear - EBM / CUP / PVP-PVE
  5. - Update Added Fuel Stations To Safe Zone traders and to the map
  6. These files published include: 2 Trader Cities Aircraft Traders Extra Military Content + some Airstrips Map Markers Radiation Zone Loot Positions Concrete Mixers https://easyupload.io/q62g9y Installation ExileMod CLA_CLAFGHAN CUP Terrains - Core CLA_CLAFGHAN https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2655659921
  7. [Lucky Banov] |EU| Airdops - Vanila+++ [Now Fully Stable} New server on the new map banov!! Check it out tastefully modded!
  8. I will improve upon this whole thing and add that in
  9. Thank you sir. Is there any chance to implement ai xp kill code?
  10. I will look into this I also noticed sometimes they do patrol around and sometimes they just sit still.
  11. # Exile-BulletCam Tweaks/Nerf # Changes - Adjusted timings. - Disabled the ability to shoot from/into territories (Can't use them as raiding tool anymore etc). - To add something i just added a map marker (useless but i found it somehow interesting). - Remove the code parts with "BulletCamMarker" if you don't want it (Line 64 - 95). - If the BulletCAM impacts there is a green marker on the map. - If out of range there is a red marker at the position were the camera transmission was lost. Example Videos: # Installation - 1 - Make a CfgExileCustomCode override for ExileClient_system_bulletCam_thread.sqf - 2 - Done Download (GitHub)
  12. Hi, I have a small problem with the boats only standing still and not patrolling. Any advice please?
  13. The whole reason I started This was because I wanted to use the HAFM Ships mod to have battleships ect guard these loot crates so players could purchase ships at trader and go to battle on the sea. After many hours of testing of course Arma has to be like hell no you got a good idea going we are going to fuck your plans up. Every CUP ship and HAFM Ship has this error when tying to use them "Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitTurret'" not sure what causes this but think its something only mod developer can fix, I have no idea but when this happens it messes up the whole AI part of the script. There were only 2 small boats from the CUP mod that actually worked but I wanted ships not boats. Anyway enough crying, here is a copy of Bigfoot Ship Wrecks with AI boats guarding loot positions. https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/BigFoot-Ship-Wrecks-with-AI-Boat-Guards
  14. paultwdavey

    DMS Statics

    In theory, you should be able to achieve this by using the playerNear check (which can be customised per mission, apparently): Player Near: DMS_playerNearRadius = 800; // How close a player has to be to a mission in order to satisfy the "playerNear" mission requirement (can be customized per mission). I would guess that in theory, if you set the playerNear check to 10000, then players could be 10k away from a mission so could therefor arty them. On some of the statics, you could then set that to 1000 so players have to be closer. Also, just realised that your last post was a year ago :S
  15. Hey All I want to change my traders on my server, but I can't figure out how to remove the existing objects at the trader. Can anyone provide any advice The objects I'm referring to are things like the H Barriers out the front of the terminal building, and the seats and accessories around the trader. Thanks Paul
  16. I'm getting an Error with the Database query for SafeX: Error SQL query: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `safex` ( `uid` varchar(32) NOT NULL, `safex_player` varchar(20000) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]', `marxet_player` varchar(20000) NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]', PRIMARY KEY (`uid`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 MySQL said: #1118 - Row size too large. The maximum row size for the used table type, not counting BLOBs, is 65535. This includes storage overhead, check the manual. You have to change some columns to TEXT or BLOBs
  17. Does the Public Virtual Garage work for more than one location? eg if I string nested coords together like [100,100,0],[200,200,0] etc?
  18. https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Roaming-Jets-for-dog-fights This is a drop and play pbo for exile servers that spawns in roaming jets. Advise to unpbo and change the config.sqf to your liking then repbo and drop in ExileServer\addons folder. If you do not change the map name in config.sqf than your jets will have waypoints that go way off the map. These jets only target other jets they do not target helicopters. Planes that cannot fight jets are Blacklisted in config to be ignored by the AI jets. You can add to the Blacklist if you have planes you don't want the AI jets attacking. Jets do not attack ground units. There is also a % chance setting for a loot crate to spawn on exposion of AI jet that is shot and destroyed and will parachute to ground displaying chordinates in chat channel. These chordinates are as it spawns so they change slightly as it falls to ground but that makes players have to hunt them and not find them so easily. So in a nutshell your players in helicopters and planes that are blacklisted are safe from attack and this makes it nice for the players who like to fly jets to dog fight other jets. There has been reports of helicopters getting the sound of a jet locking on to them at times but never got fired at.
  19. El' Rabito

    Display toasts for longer

    ExileClient_gui_toaster_addToast line 53 ExileClientToasts pushBack [_toastControl, 0, diag_tickTime + 20]; The 20 at the end is the duration in seconds.
  20. Hi all, I've been looking for a script or an edit which will allow Exile Toasts to display for longer as most aren't up long enough for players to read them. I've tried making a redirect of ExileClient_gui_toaster_addToast.sqf and adding a Sleep 2 to it, but it makes no difference. Can someone assist? Thanks in Advance
  21. Everything you need to play Exile on Stozec With Trader , Spawn Points , Statusbar , R3f_Logistik , KillFeed , Rocket Warning , Sell Mission Box on Trader , Town Mission , DMS Random Mission , Ghostrider-DbD- blckeagles Mission System and Loot Spawn for Stozec https://github.com/ThomasTKO/Exile.stozec Exile on Gabreta
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