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Legion XIII Casual Mil-Sim Group Recruiting Legion XIII runs 4 servers for public use with the moded Invade & Annex , libaration, Vietnam, milsim Go into discord and ask for a admin they will fix you up https://discord.gg/BeEuBcb Public servers INVADE & ANNEX - Altis Modded IP: PORT: 2317 INVADE & ANNEX - Altis Vanilla IP: PORT: 2312 EVOLUTION - Unsung Vietnam IP: PORT: 2350 LIBERATION - Lythium IP: PORT: 2307 We also have a private server for members only that run mods for the more hard-core mil-sim user Legion XIII L XIII runs custom missions scripted to make formation and tactics a necessity. Our public server offers a casual experience so you can join and find a group easily, work together to take down the mission objectives. There are many roles to fill in each operation and in the servers. Opportunities to join. Play on the server, get your name out there.L XIII Casual Mil-Sim Group Recruiting now open Apply to the Legion Be mature and create quality gameplay experiences

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