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  2. hitman1987

    Tutorials, share them !

    https://files-ofpisnotdead-com.translate.goog/files/rinza/Начальное руководство/Menu.html?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=ru&_x_tr_pto=wapp
  3. https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/1141952-hitman1987/?tab=field_core_pfield_141
  4. https://vimeo.com/search?q=coldwarassault
  5. tinyurl.com/reforger4 not that much constant link, nor a perfect thing - just current state
  6. brusher16

    Tutorials, share them !

    here is an Ultimate mission editor Tutorial https://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/the_files/download.php?id=61
  7. faguss

    Tutorials, share them !

    My collection of scripting tutorials: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wRtOMn7Io3mQxiJ0a_sqVVKrlIQZwrqc
  8. The mod features: -customized ballistics, corresponds to real trajectories for the most of the shells/bullets -zeroing swap for the most rifles (300/100m), MG and DMR (500/300m), with numpad +/- -optical rangefinders are calibrated, sights are adjusted for ballistics and an angular dimensions -custom models, animations, skeletons, hitboxes, etc -custom hit/armour values -FCS (WIP) -quite realistic vehicles and firearms nomenclature (as for 1980) -dispersion, dexterity, steadyness, zeroing switch, hit, armour, magnification, calibrated reticles for ballistics, rangefinders -firearms ironsights mostly corresponds to it's 3D model -realistic laptop, accurate for 1980s military applyed one -realistic reate of fire, bullet travel speeds, ATGM speeds, SD are subsonic -several generations of firearms: ww2, post-ww2, new ones, as M16/AK74/HK33 -resistance side gets it's own vehicles, could to stand as a full scale 3rd side army -each side has it's own equivalent vehicles for a class, firearms generations -scripting library DASH_FX required, included -HD CWC islands, some others that uses RES objects -foxholes, tents, stationary weapons (WIP gonna be moveable) -custom LAW/ATGM/AA magazines: assigned as 1*mag+X*pistolmag, so able to take 2 (X=2) or 1(X=3) mag per unit maximum; after a pickup it takes only 1*mag slot, so able to get a full stack of pistol mags; RPG-like heavy weapons wirks as usual, so takes 2*mag slots -custom weapon/mags slot amount -some extra mags could be taken to the pistol slots, as GL grenades, shotgun shells, H&K MP5(K) mags etc -new heads, faces -several new classes of vehicles (jeep with AT recoilless gun, AA, ATGM missiles APC) -shotguns, for a first time they're fine -new inflantry models, animations, leans, slots, hitboxes -faster group resp anims, distance to killer upon player's death
  9. tinyurl.com/refo2020 Got permission of Denorc for using their icp_weapon pack "in any way i want". Firearms zero switching with +/- keys as usual, even ironsights. No missions within, sometimes MP sessions (prev. topic here contains Discord contacts for that). Way of use: dl the mod, set new face, get in the editor, place an ammoboxes and targets, shoot, make MP mission and contact me.
  10. In case anyone is interested, I've progressed this project with help from Nerv. He'd already ported many of the A2 anims and made them compatible with OFP. I've made a lot of tweaks and even added some of my own animations. And thanks to Faguss too. His coding skills made a particular part of the work go much faster. Long story short, it's sorted.
  11. https://discord.gg/qsd4RCm
  12. Hi all Does anybody know of any voice actors? I'm on the verge of finishing a mission based on a scenario from a Cold War wargaming book and I'd like to add some voice acting to it. I'm pretty sure with the old forum software there was a group or thread with willing voice actors, but I can't seem to find it anymore. There are only a few lines. I'd need three voice actors, preferably Americans. Does anybody know if there's a thread or group with voice actors or know of people who would be willing to spare some time to record a few lines?
  13. Hey. Never spotted your reply until now. I have all the necessary tools and resources to get the job done. It's not only possible, it's not very hard. You just need two rigs. One of which your OFP models are bound to. The other to import the A2 anims. It's possible you would get some slow down with a lot of units on screen. But that's likely anyway where you have a large number of AI on a map. I've considered scaling the animations down. But I've enough to do just getting them ready without an extra step. It's mostly about time and motivation.
  14. Some people from flashpoint.ru forum was worked on this. There must be bones and T-pose in models to A2anims work. So you need a new base model OR you should insert a bones or redefine selections for common OFP models to work. Also there was a conversation about to "translate" A2 anims into ofp.rtm's with the special software, but it seems to be a hard way to achieve. BTW there are slightly more animation phases in new anims so it can slow down the game.
  15. Got Arma, still have some RL stuff, but I hope, I'll dig into it next week. Starting with prone anims, and I'll see how far I could induldge in the animations insanity!
  16. Yes. That's exactly what I'm after. I don't expect you or anyone else to go further than you're interested in doing though. It's not the most exciting of tasks. Example: AmovPercMrunSrasWrflDf in A2 would be the equivalent of CombatrunF. That's running in combat mode, with a rifle in the raised position. There's a bit more info, if you're interested. I don't know if anyone cares, but the reason I'm not just doing a straight conversion is simple. For the Star wars project,the snowtrooper obviously has that "skirting". Weighting it to the legs is not something I like the look of. The clipping is uncontrollable and just looks awful. So I'm adding bones for that specifically, and animating them. I'm doing this instead of creating a separate set of anims. This obviously has to be done for each individual animation. Visually it's worth the effort.
  17. OK, so just for the sake of clarity: what you would want is a list of movements/poses/anims which are in OFP and A2, with classnames to specific anims in both games, yes? Imagine a spreadsheet/table with three columns: Anim name, OFP classname, A2 classname. Something like that?
  18. Anything you can do would be appreciated. Even a small block. Like say the prone anims . Just the class names would take a little weight off.
  19. Allright. I do own A2 on Gaben's little moneymaker, but never installed it. This may be a good occasion to finally check it out.
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