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  3. Hi all Does anybody know of any voice actors? I'm on the verge of finishing a mission based on a scenario from a Cold War wargaming book and I'd like to add some voice acting to it. I'm pretty sure with the old forum software there was a group or thread with willing voice actors, but I can't seem to find it anymore. There are only a few lines. I'd need three voice actors, preferably Americans. Does anybody know if there's a thread or group with voice actors or know of people who would be willing to spare some time to record a few lines?
  4. Hey. Never spotted your reply until now. I have all the necessary tools and resources to get the job done. It's not only possible, it's not very hard. You just need two rigs. One of which your OFP models are bound to. The other to import the A2 anims. It's possible you would get some slow down with a lot of units on screen. But that's likely anyway where you have a large number of AI on a map. I've considered scaling the animations down. But I've enough to do just getting them ready without an extra step. It's mostly about time and motivation.
  5. Some people from flashpoint.ru forum was worked on this. There must be bones and T-pose in models to A2anims work. So you need a new base model OR you should insert a bones or redefine selections for common OFP models to work. Also there was a conversation about to "translate" A2 anims into ofp.rtm's with the special software, but it seems to be a hard way to achieve. BTW there are slightly more animation phases in new anims so it can slow down the game.
  6. Got Arma, still have some RL stuff, but I hope, I'll dig into it next week. Starting with prone anims, and I'll see how far I could induldge in the animations insanity!
  7. Yes. That's exactly what I'm after. I don't expect you or anyone else to go further than you're interested in doing though. It's not the most exciting of tasks. Example: AmovPercMrunSrasWrflDf in A2 would be the equivalent of CombatrunF. That's running in combat mode, with a rifle in the raised position. There's a bit more info, if you're interested. I don't know if anyone cares, but the reason I'm not just doing a straight conversion is simple. For the Star wars project,the snowtrooper obviously has that "skirting". Weighting it to the legs is not something I like the look of. The clipping is uncontrollable and just looks awful. So I'm adding bones for that specifically, and animating them. I'm doing this instead of creating a separate set of anims. This obviously has to be done for each individual animation. Visually it's worth the effort.
  8. OK, so just for the sake of clarity: what you would want is a list of movements/poses/anims which are in OFP and A2, with classnames to specific anims in both games, yes? Imagine a spreadsheet/table with three columns: Anim name, OFP classname, A2 classname. Something like that?
  9. Anything you can do would be appreciated. Even a small block. Like say the prone anims . Just the class names would take a little weight off.
  10. Allright. I do own A2 on Gaben's little moneymaker, but never installed it. This may be a good occasion to finally check it out.
  11. Affirmative sir. Ownership of the game at least. But it wouldn't require any ninja level modding skills though. There's an animation viewer over on armaholic .I'd been using it up until my hardware decided to say goodbye. I haven't completely sorted out the aftermath. So A2 isn't installed yet. I'll get around to it myself, once I have some more assets done. But identifying suitable replacements can be time consuming. I'm not expecting anything. But I decided to take a shot and post about it.
  12. I guess this would require ownership/knowledge of Arma 2?
  13. Ok. I'm posting this here, as most of you have some experience. So at least I know it's more likely you'd have the skills needed . And it's relative to OFP. I'm still converting animations from A2 to be used in OFP for a couple of projects. But it's fairly time consuming identifying which ones are suitable equivalents. Then finding the move values. Making "corrections" and finally exporting. My time is being divided between this and creating assets. So it's going very slowly. If anyone feels like lending a hand, just identifying the relevant class names would make a difference. For example, the classname for combat walk or throw grenade, in OFP and the equivalent classname in A2. That kind of thing. I'll be continuing anyway. But it would help. Thanks..
  14. krzychuzokecia

    Tutorials, share them !

    A blast from the past of tutorials: Colonel_Klink's tutorials on modelling in Oxygen and WrpTool Fab's faboulus website with several tutorials (still alive after all these years!) A collection of tutorials on PMC Wiki, including Brsseb's legendary Oxygen modelling school, and Ebud's gizmo mapping tutorial OFP Preprocessor Explained by Faguss (a little different thing, but understanding this stuff really helps with making more efficient configs) Fab's and Brsseb's stuff can be also found on OFPEC.
  15. Hi Guys, share your tutorials so that you can gather them here : One i've been working on today, and which is great, is Sanctuary' tutorial on how to merge textures with Oxygen and PANtool (how to create one single big texture replacing several small ones, for performance sake) : https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/69510-ww4-anims-beta/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-1234939
  16. Ok. I'll add that to the heap. I used to be a stickler for economising . For years. So I suppose I've gotten tired of holding back. Although having said that, I still don't like to go bananas. I generally don't go above 4 or 5 k in faces unless I feel it's warranted. These days the stuff I'm doing is somewhere between OFP and Armed assault. So nothing too extravagant. But enough maybe to catch the light and take the flatness or "boxiness" out of the models.
  17. Apocalypse 83

    A wishlist. Sort of....

    I can understand not wanting to recycle old material, I'd much rather make stuff from scratch. Unfortunately my aspirations exceed my skill at this stage but I've been practising quite a bit with o2, and I've used Blender for other projects. I prefer the mission editor to modding, messing around with cutscenes and sounds, scripts. I run into less brick walls in that area and can usually achieve what I want. I'm not too fussed about how detailed or economical the models are but I try and take into account that others may not be using lower end PCs for OFP. I've only just started to grasp the concept of LODs but I understand that 4 res lods seems to be the standard, and is probably better to have fewer sections with larger textures. Thanks for the offer, if you can work on it a bit that would be excellent, but no pressure. I'm pretty busy with my Arctic missions atm so I'm caught in two minds.
  18. Closest I got to that style of play would be the rainbow six series. At first the planning was a bit unwieldy. But once you got used to it, it became very useful. Instead of a run n gun approach. Which seemed to be a good prep for the Arma series. I think the only thing that might hold you back would be the AI stumbling around indoors. But you know that only too well. Multiplayer could be the perfect environment for that. NPCs could be AI driven at least. Leaving small human teams to deal with the combat. You just provide the setting and the basic mechanics, if there are any, and they take what ever approach they want from there.
  19. Lenyoga

    A wishlist. Sort of....

    The Ghost Recon idea sounds cool, though I'm not much of a mission making person myself either. I've started up SWAT 4 again a few weeks ago and thought this would go well in OFP, too. This would require a lot of scripting, but I'm kind of into that anyway. At least once I've mustered the motivation to finish the outstanding projects...
  20. GR and OFP were the ones that got me into this genre. And before that there were a few others I dabbled with too. I think at this point I'm not really into the idea of recycling stuff. I know it saves a lot of time. But I prefer to make a go of it myself and do as much as possible from scratch. Mission building is not something I have a flair for though. Which is one of the reasons I haven't tried to recreate the GR campaign. The missions are the thing that make it enjoyable for me. I don't know if I'd make a mess of it. The modeling and textures I could handle. Oddly enough I do have an old model of a tiger 1. The "late" version. With the sliding commander's hatch. It's a raw model in .blend form. I could try to finish it up a bit if you like. But it's unlikely to be as "economical" as you prefer. 4K or so for the 1st Res lod. Not as bad as it sounds these days. Even for an older engine. I tend to go for fewer sections combined with at least 4 res lods.
  21. Apocalypse 83

    A wishlist. Sort of....

    Hi Macser, hello everyone. Thanks for inviting me to the group Proffessor. I got locked out of my account recently but BohemiaBeck kindly merged my account with my new email. Good to be back. I was a massive fan of the original Ghost Recon for PS2, it was a big inspiration to me for a lot of my OFP work, although I've never considered emulating the missions. It sounds like a great idea, the first mission in Tblisi, Georgia would definitely be possible to recreate. I would highly suggest making the campaign/missions for WW4EXT. Just about every outfit for US and USSR as well as all the weapons, vehicles and brilliant effects, extras and AI behaviour. Obviously other addons can be included if needed, it's easy to create new addons based on the WW4EXT base vehicles/units. I'm helping Revan out with his C&C mod, also I've got my Arctic campaign to work on. The mission are broken due to the last patch for EXT Arctic. Would like some help testing the missions at some point once I've got them working, and have some EXT Arctic action fun at the same time, and maybe get some ideas info from them. Patience and skill are essential. While we're on the topic, I was quietly working on a small WW2 extension for WW4EXT. Nothing major, just US vs German invasion of Sicily, and a tank battle mission to follow that up. I need an M4 Sherman and a Tiger 1 for that, or a close approximation. Just putting that out there, if anyone is interested in helping.
  22. Hey folks. I hope your all in good shape. I have a general question for everyone. After all these years, is there something you'd still like to see in 'ol flash? Something that either hasn't been done. Or hadn't been done quite as well as you'd hoped. Taking into consideration the limitations of the engine. Although this isn't an offer to fulfill specific requests, I'd be open to collaborating if the opportunity arose. Once I square away some stuff on the worktop. Especially if there was something that could appeal to most of the folks here. I'm a sci-fi fan as you can probably guess. But I got into this series because of the military simulation aspect. So I'd be just as interested in that area. I always wanted to attempt the ghost recon 1 campaign. Or at least do a decent approximation of the missions that made it up. Complete with standard characters/specialists. I know. It's the typical US vs Russia theme. I suppose at this point it's familiar territory. But that's a personal choice for me. So how about you?
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