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If your looking for help I can give you tips and tricks im open to talk to every day but I am on at 8am-9pm but im open to people who need help or just want to talk about carrier command. I just want to talk to people who know what carrier command is.

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  2. Zane Moseley

    tips and tricks

    kane if you are seeing this then that means you either just joined or you are just checking my page out if so call me when ever you can.
  3. welcome to the talk page and enjoy!
  4. congrats you found the talking page which is entirely empty at the moment because no one has joined yet.
  5. hi if your looking for tips and tricks I will either answer them in a few minutes or I will answer them in an hour because I have a simulation AI that allows me to see every outcome of every strategy just tell me the problem and ill get cracking.
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