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|21st Nova Corps|{Arma 3} The hardest and grittiest clone legion is now looking for more men to turn into the republics killing machines,the 21st Nova Corps or as we are more simply known as The Galactic Marine's are looking for YOU to be the next clone on the republic's Front Line's,We specialize in enemy ship boarding,clearing out extremely hard place's/well dug-in enemy's,and Sympathizer/CIS Rebel containment What's available? -Hound(Ground Inf.) -Hunter(Air) -Multiple other MOS's for Ground Inf. such as Heavy gunner,Marksman,medic,and others How to join? -Just jump into our discord and ping a recruiter in the "recruitment pings" channel and they will be with you shortly to hand out tags Discord:https://discord.gg/rz2jgds

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