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    • This is a very good point, glad it has been brought up...also my crosshair has looked invisible at times with a white crosshair in snow. Not sure what would be most appropriate as in most cases I like the crosshair way it is but have had some difficulty in snow situations but in random scenarios where it just got camouflaged and caused a little anxiety as I was trying to focus on a prime area or kill
    • _playerswithincircle = allplayers select { (_x distance2d _centreposofmycircle) < _radiusofmycircle };  
    • Sus and Sus
      Service and Supply
        For you bunch of hippies to chew on. utilisable pieces of wearables from the Cold War, primarily 60s-era US military. (and some bonus like the Nederlanders and possibly more to come!)
      This addon is composed of 20% cotton, 40% synthetic polymer, 40% Spastic nylon Blend, OG-107
        Requires CUP Weapons S&S includes few groups that uses CUP weapons, for now those are: - 1965 US Army and Marines - 1967 US Army and Marines If you wish to not play with these groups, then you can remove the file "simc_uaf_67_gruppe.pbo" from addons folder, then S&S can run without any dependency! Groups might be moved to a separate workshop release in the future, if proven to be more convenient that way.
        Ranked Uniforms S&S includes a modified version of KP Ranks, which (currently) only works for S&S Uniforms. in an MP game, the host can assign ranks to players via the KP ranks menu which is accessible through the in-game context menu. All credits to Wyqer for the original KP ranks code   Download: Steam Workshop
        Files This pack has been configured to be rather modular so that you can remove certain files if you wish to not play with certain things.

      - simc_uaf_67: US army assets
      - simc_uaf_67_preview: icons for arsenal and editor etc (do not remove)
      - simc_mc_67: USMC assets
      - GR_Medium_Utility_Helicopters: modified version of Medium Utility Helicopters by Grumpy Rhino which includes a set of UH1Ds and Hs
      - sns_dutch: Cold war era Dutch Army
      - sns_vehicles: M38A1/Nekaf Jeep

      - simc_uaf_67_cfg: config files for US army gear, requires simc_uaf_67
      - simc_mc_67_cfg: config files for USMC gear, requires simc_mc_67 and simc_uaf_67
      - simc_uaf_67_gruppe: config files for all the groups. requires CUP Weapons   Known Issues - M38A1/NEKAF Jeep is currently missing proper backlight and somehow floats on water (not necessarily amphibious, but it does not sink! heck!!) - Dutch Faction is still WIP and does not have its own webgear, however, we recommend using SPEARPOINT's british webgear for now 🙂
        Included contents:   (Possible) Upcoming content Disclaimer: No designated ETA
      - Dutch Web gear
      - US Field Jackets
      - ARVN assets
      - SF and VC assets
      - PRC25/77 w/ harness
      - latewar - 70s gear

      If you do enjoy the content i made, please consider supporting me vie patreon
      or make a donation to my paypal (address: arkan_ebi@hotmail.com )
        Credits - Justin N. : Lead-dev; assets such as Machete, 3D scanned compass pouch and mitchell pattern covers, Dutch uniforms and helmets, importing vehicles
      - Grumpy Rhino for Hueys that are included, originally from Medium Utility Helicopters
      - Wyqer: original KP Ranks script
      - Bohemia Interactive: arma sample models
      - Motta: providing M1 helmet shell and chinstrap, M61 grenade model, and Leather combat boots
      - Ethridge: M1 Helmet shell texture
      - Lakarak: M1 Helmet cover
      - Jujurat: M56 pouch and ALICE pack model (converted to an LW rucksack)
      - Olmo Potmus: M1974 SWDG model; part of the CVC helmet model
      - Pandemic: making eden/zeus group configurations
      - Frenchy56: collar rank textures, screenshots
      - Schwienyy: helmet accesories texture, screenshots
      - Toney: USMC advisor
      - Шоиветс: references and death threats
      - did I miss anyone?

      S&S: Service and Supply title was coined by Motta and Ethridge
      Brought to thee by Justin N. along with the Simcardo Association:
      - Simcardo (himself)
      - Brainfag
      - TheGrass
      - Vagineer089
      - Casper_TFG
      - did I miss someone?   Additional screenshots : (Disclaimer: S&S only includes uniforms, gear, and M38A1 Jeep and the hueys, every other thing u see in the screenshots (such as guns) are from other mods such as CUP Weapons or UNSUNG.  
    • sarogahtyp I've seen the script a while back when he first released it. There has been no activity on the post since December. Hopefully the script is still working with the updates and he's still updating and tweaking the script it's amazing for a few units to clear a house and something like this should have been in the vanilla game.    With that said it's not exactly what I'm looking for. The Garrison functionality was a great addition to the series but it lacks a dynamic components. Units will not move in the house or reposition to get a better view or shot.   The approach I showed is a way to get a few dozen units working together when Garrison through out a town and with the ability to leave their positions when needed. Using the Garrison waypoint and other Garrison scripts the units will only hold positions.    I just thought we can start a thread where mission designers can show how they use various commands and waypoints in a creative way to change AI behavior and movements. Scripts and mods are wonderful but you always run the risk of them not working due to updates the author  no longer continuing to work on them or compatibility issues with other scripts and mods that you have running.   I know I'm not the only one that fools around with the combinations of commands and waypoints just like to see what other people are doing.
    • The recoil is what drove myself and many others I have no doubt, away from the game. It has constantly changed, continuesly frustrating the player base. It was as close to something that looked like a polished games recoil last season and then they quickly destroyed that this season. It was a fun game while it lasted, I voted with my thumbs you probably should too @wolny slimak